Why so many lefties are sex harassers

From Monica Showalter at American Thinker:

Even though both sides have bad apples, there are way more takedowns of leftists than rightists. What does that underline? Not only that the left has a culture of uncouthness, but that the left controls every lever of power in the establishment. If it didn’t, a lot more right-wingers would be going down in what is becoming a seismic shakeup in the power balance. But since the right doesn’t have power, it isn’t even there to take down. More.

Reality check: It’s also that, for leftists, power is virtue. Equal opportunity for women has always meant, for them, equal opportunity to bully or destroy. And did their female voters turn it down?

Yes, to some leftists, some women are just road kill: When God made bimbos, She knew what She was doing… And women who vote for it must believe it.

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