Why I hate moral panics

Because panic prevents useful action. From Mark Steyn, on an instance of Bill Clinton reaching out to the electorate,  at his blog:

As I mentioned to Tucker, The New York Times a few days ago ran a column called “I Believe Juanita”. I believed Juanita, too – way back when, eighteen-and-a-half years ago, when it counted and when the Times was covering the story only as an illustration of “shadowy, subterranean” media “mechanics”. At any rate, here’s my Juanita Broaddrick column from February 1999:

He raped her. Old news. Get over it.

He raped her. Or rather (for we must observe the niceties) she alleges he raped her. That’s what Juanita Broaddrick told The Wall Street Journal last Friday. That’s what The Washington Post reported Saturday —on page one. That’s what The New York Times somewhat tardily got around to letting its readers in on yesterday — although the fastidious Times boys forebore to let the word “rape” sully their account, preferring the term “assault” and noting only that “he forced her down to the bed and had intercourse with her,” which would be rape if Mike ‘Tyson did it but with Bill Clinton qualifies merely as a marginally non-consensual relationship.  … Instead of running with “Is Our President A Rapist?”, Time and Newsweek put the alleged rapist’s wife on the cover in regal pose and cooed over the unstoppable momentum for her mooted Senate campaign. More.

Reality check: Let’s talk about why it doesn’t matter. As I commented at Steyn’s post,

Denyse O’Leary • Nov 21, 2017 at 11:01

American women vote disproportionately for Democrats and no one knows that better than the Democrats. If top Dems murdered most of these women, nothing would change. A staged moral panic every so often gives the women who vote for these guys a pastie of faux respectability. At that time, the old goats are sacrificed on the altar of Virtue while new goats are brought up from the pens. The rest is all business as usual.

The mainstream media know all the tunes to and all the steps to all the dances.

In the Western world today, most voters are not disenfranchised; they disenfranchise themselves in exactly this way.

Far from their votes being for sale, their votes are not even switchable. That is what made the Trump revolution so worthy of note: One concerned group of voters wanted their votes to actually matter, which meant that they could not vote for any mainstream Republican.

For a real shakeup in politics, the Dems need a Trump too. And it needs to keep happening on both sides indefinitely. And in Canada too, for sure.

See also: Why it matters that entertainment journalists helped hide Weinstein’s sex assaults It only matters now because Hollywood has been going downhill for years. It’s out of touch. Who cares about the political opinions of conspirazoids who don’t understand why the working class they are supposed to relate to elected Trump?