Trump says welfare reform is up after taxes

The president said the White House would be submitting plans for initiatives on welfare as well as healthcare and infrastructure after the tax push. Welfare reform is “desperately needed in our country,” he said.

  • simus1

    “Cutting taxes” accomplishes very little if tax reform and spending reduction is left to fester and die on the back burner. A US fed and state combined VAT is really essential even if it doesn’t play well in “conservative taxing theology” because it is the game played in all the countries the US is trying to compete with in the world marketplace. If multinationals can work one tax system to their advantage in producing their stuff offshore and then sell into a different taxing system in their major market, that is great for them but but bad for smaller companies trying to stay alive solely within their home markets in both countries.

  • Hard Little Machine

    When Bill Clinton tool a victory lap over Welfare Reform 20 years ago, no one noticed or wanted to notice that millions of people kicked off the Welfare rolls were picked up on SSI as ‘disabled’. We immediately created millions of people who were put on disability for life. It’s unclear how or if Trump can tackle that .