The Dangers of Forcing Gender Equality in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan — Sitting cross-legged on the floor of a sparsely decorated Kabul apartment, the young, bubbly woman told me why she lies to her neighbors.

She tells them she’s a nurse when they inquire, as they always do. She leaves the house in civilian clothes and changes into her crisp uniform only when she’s on base. This Afghan woman in her 20s, who asked that her name not be used for her safety, is part of a small, brave group of women serving in Afghanistan’s security forces. If her neighbors found out, she says, they’d surely kill her.

  • ntt1

    reforming or even civilizing Afghanistan has failed innumerable times why would it work this time? at best it will take as long as it took for islam to corrupt it.
    Basic human charity would dictate that trained or semi educated women should be given a chance in a civilized setting.

    • Watchman

      I, in my youth, thought that if you break something in a shop you instantly purchased that item (generally). I used to think that the same applies for invading countries. You invade a country, you are thereafter responsible for reestablishing the systems and laws so the country works again. I now no longer believe this is true for countries as compared to shops. Shops don’t have malicious items throwing themselves and other items onto the floor and claim that you have to buy all these new broken items too. Some countries were only held together by a tyrannical nepotistic regime and will only be controlled by the reimposition of a similar tyrannical nepotistic regime because that’s what the religion and culture demand.

  • Ed

    You look at that photo and realize that the West’s left sees nothing. The REAL human rights issues are ze and zir and that damn U of T professor.

    • Watchman

      I think the feminists (3rd Wave) would look at the picture and see ‘White Patriarchy’. Until they find out the picture was taken in Afghanistan and then still blame Western White Patriarchy inside the country for supporting violence against local women and not preventing it from happening.

  • Martin B

    And it’s not the Taliban doing this. These are the “good guys”, our “allies”. Afghanistan is a bottomless pit of shit and always will be.

  • Reform must come from the ground up.

    And from a country that tolerated the likes of Obama, Clinton and Harvey Weinstein, it’s quite rich.