One Of Justin’s Syrian Refugees Convicted Of Masturbation, Inappropriate Touching In Public Pool Shower – Lawyer Calls It “Cultural Issue”

Windsor man sentenced related to indecent act at aquatic centre

A Windsor man has been sentenced in connection with an indecent act at the downtown aquatic centre.

The defence was asking for a conditional discharge for the 38-year old, but Justice Lloyd Dean didn’t believe that would be in the public’s best interest.

He gave Al Hariri a suspended sentence and 24 months of probation.

Al Hariri pleaded guilty to assault and indecent act after he was caught pleasuring himself in the shower area at the Windsor International Aquatic & Training Centre in May 2016. He was also seen giving a young person a consensual back massage.

His lawyer, Laura Joy, argued that what happened in the shower area was not sexual in nature, saying it was more of a cultural issue. But the crown argued otherwise, suggesting there was inappropriate touching.

h/t Exile