Politically correct sports network continues to decline

From Mark W.Sanchez at New York Post:

These will only be the latest round of layoffs for ESPN, which cut about 100 staffers in late April in firings that gained extra attention because on-air personalities were lost. In 2015, the company laid off about 300 employees, and ESPN still is trimming costs to find how it should operate in 2017, when more and more are ditching cords. ESPN also is coping with live-sports contracts that cost billions — $1.9B annually for “Monday Night Football,” $1.4B for the NBA — in deals that looked a lot easier to swallow before traditional TV began its downturn.More.

Reality check: It’s interesting how political correctness immediately ceases to be viable when separated from coercive politics.

But also, one suspects that the demographics are changing. People who used to think they must have football or basketball find that they can live with any sport that just wants a good game.

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