How Obama Brought Back Muslim Slavery of Black People

America’s first black president didn’t bring “Hope” to America, but he did bring slave auctions to Africa. After Obama “liberated” Libya for the Islamist rebels, Arab Muslims sell black slaves for a few hundred dollars at slave auctions.

While leftists tear down the statues of slave owners from centuries ago, it was the left that brought back the sale of black men as property.

Slavery was always one of Barack Obama’s favorite subjects.

  • ntt1

    Muslims have run slavery for over a milliena, still do. the joke is that Woked blacks drop their “slave” names and adopt a north african muslim name instead. tying themselves to the bloody oppressors that rounded up their ancestors held them in pens then sold the lucky ones to Europeans I say lucky because any abed blacks going east would be castrated immediately with a 20% die off rate.

    • Watchman

      Oh, it was far worse than that, with a very high male slave mortality rate after complete castration of both scrotum, testes and penis: “While the mortality rate for slaves being transported across the Atlantic was as high as 10%, the percentage of slaves dying in transit in the Transsahara and East African slave trade was between 80 and 90%!”

      Muslims have only run slavery for 1400 years, since before that there were no muslims but there was still slavery going back thousands of years. The West is the only culture that has willingly given up slavery and enforced this on the rest of the world – but in some places less successfully.

    • Bless his heart

      Mohamed Ali is a slaver name.

      • ntt1

        exactly Cassius Clay though that was to slavish so he took on a muslim name mohamed ali and that was very likely the name of one or more of the muslims involved in selling his great great grand daddy.

  • Obama was never a black American. He was a white liberal Islamist supporter with a black deadbeat dad and wealthy white grandparents to sponge off of.

  • simus1

    Ex Emperor Barry’s arab (not “black” as in the sleepwalking foolish leftist version of race Americans are comfortable with) ancestors were slave dealers in Kenya which was pretty much an exclusive muslim vocation going back centuries.

    • Yo Mama

      His daddi was knot from Kenya butt commie party organiser Frank Marshal Davis. Frankie used to boast about all da whities he knocked up like Ann Dunham Barry’s mummy!

      • simus1

        Dat ho fambly cud use a DNA profilin’ t’ sort out what what and who who.

  • Ho Hum

    It surprises me how little coverage this fact gets in the media – even some of Obama biggest critics seem to be ignoring or are ignorant of this fact. It has been long known that blacks in Libya were singled out by Arab jihadists for persecution all thanks to the direct actions of America’s “first black president”

  • Gary

    I said this about a week ago that when I used a Middle east islamic website that was in Arabic with an translation function for English I had read one account of muhammad by an Imam that used the quranic recording if it where it was suppose to make muhammad looks good and promote islam.
    But I wasn’t in some islamic hell-hole with no exposure to the outside World of Human Rights for women gays, jews and blacks.

    Basically ,the promo piece actually proved that Muhammad was NOT against slavery as many Muslims love to claim when they speak of how islam is about equality. He also used a 12 year old boy to join him on a slaughter for allah to see the victory and learn how to spread islam by the sword.
    Leave it to a devout muslim to do something stupid like looking oh so moral in the eyes of allah where a man boasts how he only rapes non-muslims women and has sex with muslim girls over 9 years old.

    As for the slavery issue….the Imam pointed out how muhamad saw the white mans religion ( jews and christians) as corrupted for god will and that only Muslims should own slaves because islam give them more Rights. The black in the USA got there by the islamic slave trade and yet they blame white Christians while many convert to islam by ignorance from the Western versions of islam told to them .

    Muslims have the prophet of Peace…..then tell me why muhammad set out rules for war if he alleged that allah had Gabriel speak to him in Arabic with the final true message for all mankind to have peace.
    Allah promised Peace and then set out the terms for war ???