David Crosby Says Only Leftists Are Welcome at His Shows, Conservative Actor Adam Baldwin Strikes Back

Audiences love to be entertained. What they’re not too crazy about is being preached to about politics, especially by someone who opposes their own political beliefs. One musician who doesn’t care about those people is David Crosby. The 76-year-old founder of the Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash took time during his November 13th Arlington, MA show to proselytize according to his left-wing sensibilities.

h/t Marvin

  • Tom Forsythe

    Shouldn’t he be happy anyone shows up?

    • Observer

      He can’t see them for all his acid flashbacks.

    • Linda1000

      Geezer rockers really should know when to retire.

  • BillyHW

    Liberals are all immoral sexual degenerates who go to hell when they die for their perversions.

  • Gary

    Good, when his liver gets fried again from drugs and booze ….go find a Liberal to get one from .
    I have healthy organs that we’re abused in the 60’s and 70’s plus I never smoked and gave up most of my beer for being at risk for a full out diabetic. I don’t want to leave my body for a harvest of parts because ungrateful a-holes like this clown want to party their life away and rely on others to keep him alive as a Celebrity that is oh so special while us peons are walking organs banks one tragedy away from being a donor .

    Liberals are the most selfish people with massive Carbon Footprints and Jet around the World while I’m the one to use low Power light bulbs and ride a bike in the Winter plus cut by on the AC in heat wave.
    I don’t care anymore because in the 1980’s I gave up my interests in hot rods since I thought pollution rules were needed to save the Planet and the 4 cylinder cars would be the norm as we cut down in power use at home as well.
    But celebrities now have the 5 bay garage with V12 sports cars of an H3 beast as well as 3 other home and the Gulfstream V private jet to vacation on $500 million dollar yachts getting 5 gallons to the miles of diesel fuel.

    Lies lies lies to raise taxes and enslave the working class to be so busy that don’t see their scam to hide wealth off shore and then talk about the Poverty-gap and Fair-share of taxes for the rich . The schools lied, the Courts lied, the Movies lie while the Apollo 11 killed the Man on the Moon and grow up took care of all the rest of the myth where today the Police now Lie plus protect those committing child abuse in public based on their religion.

    Gore, Suzuki, Trudeau , the UN , NASA , Hollywood , islam and progressives spew pure BS where the poor and many small L liberals had the Curtain pulled back to see the hoax and how the Wizard is dead as a puppet and never existed .
    The old Canada is dead and we are morphing into one huge 3rd world $hit-hole where every City will be like Detroit or Baghdad which John Tory is helping along for Toronto. Liberals pounded it into us that people are born gay , but now that too is a big LIE because trans people can choose from over 25 genders and now you can also choose your race.

    Why have laws or the Police since Morals are now subjective where murder and pedophilia won’t be a crime in the future .

  • Clausewitz

    The members of the Byrds were some of the most laid back musicians of their time, and yet they kicked this A-hole out of the group. The main reason why CSN&Y broke up was an argument by Crosby and Nash. I’m starting to see a pattern here. Doesn’t want me at his concert? No loss.

  • Uncommunist

    Is worthless prick … synonymous with wealthy progressive ?

  • Justin St.Denis

    David Crosby has been on the stupid side for his entire life. Musical talent is not reserved for the intellectually gifted. Sad fact. This talented asshole should shut up.

  • LauraS

    Adam Baldwin has a lot going on between the ears for someone who is so easy on the eyes. Shiny!

    David Crosby is about to feel the effects of capitalism, methinks. “Don’t anger or alienate your audience” is Business 101. That so many leftists don’t follow this common sense practice shows they are completely obsessed by their identity as progressives. #LiberalismIsACult

  • Hard Little Machine

    He ran over a pedestrian recently, while driving his Tesla, of course.