Christian Toto: The end for Lena Dunham, culture warrior?

At Hollywood in Toto:

Now, in perhaps her biggest public blunder, she broke her own cardinal rule by declaring a woman’s allegation of rape was a lie.

The PR nightmare began when Dunham instantly threw her waning cache behind “Girls” scribe Murray Miller. An actress claimed Miller once sexually assaulted her when she was just 17.

No, no no, said Dunham. More.

Reality check: To maintain the purity of the Revolution, she should have sent a stalwart progressive to the guillotine, Robespierre-style:

When passing in front of Robespierre’s house, on the way to the guillotine, Danton rose from his fatal seat, turned toward Robespierre’s house and said, “You will follow us shortly. Your house shall be beaten down and sowed with salt.”(58) Not content with seeing his enemies pass his house, Robespierre followed them to the place of execution.(59)

That’s true progressivism. So yes, she is finished. She is not ruthless enough.

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