Almost Half of ‘Female’ Transgender Inmates Are Sex Offenders: Report

I got a bum rap.

Government plans to let people “self-identify” as the opposite sex will put female prisoners at risk, campaigners have warned, after it was revealed that a huge proportion of transgender inmates are sex offenders.

report by feminist charity Fair Play for Women found “at least 41 per cent” of transgender inmates housed in jails across England and Wales are sex offenders  — compared to 17 per cent of the population as a whole  — and that a further handful are held in maximum-security category A prisons.

  • Ed

    17% of the general population are sex offenders?

    And then I read “…A report by feminist charity …”

    • Watchman

      I don’t think they are claiming it is as bad as that. I looked at their web site and the claim is, “ the average percentage of male sex offenders in the male prison estate as a whole [is] (17%)”. So they are claiming the ‘general population’ is the ‘prison male general population’ they are talking about and not the general British male population. It doesn’t mean they don’t think only 17% of males are sex offenders, only that 17% those in gaol are there because of being convicted for them.

      Having said that I am still very suspicious of their figures: 17% of men in gaol are sex offenders? So I looked it up and found to my astonishment that this 17% was correct when I looked at the official statistics: . What is noticeable is that the percentage of men in prison for sexual offences has been rising since 2000, and the percentage in gaol for burglary, theft and handling stolen goods has been falling, while other categories are remaining relative stable.

    • Liberal Progressive

      Those transphobes!