Why is Ontario addicted to wind power?

Every time I am interviewed by the media, or speak at a public meeting, I am asked: Why is Ontario continuing to push ahead with its program of industrial-scale wind turbines and wind power, when all the facts seem to argue against it?

I don’t know.

  • Cat-astrophe

    Follow the money.
    Just more Clitonistas

  • Gary

    Anyone living near King & Queen or the Dufferin gates can see first hand how useless the Turbines are.
    That huge Unit has a Stress Tolerance where it is turned off during high winds by the Blade Pitch in the dormant position so that during the cold weather when Electric heating is needed the Turbine is idle if windy .
    Then , during the sweltering heat of July and August , with NO wind , the AC units run full speed in Restaurants and all those Condo while I sit on the West end beach looking east to see the Turbine idle .

    The SOB ( South Of Bloor ) snobs in Toronto want all of their Electronics , Electric cars , E-bikes , Theatre’s , Sports arena’s and car-free spots plus the Streetcars . They are more than happy to see Wind Farms replace where are many of our foods comes from way outside Toronto.
    But… when McGuinty had a plan to put dozens of these Wind power generators a short distance off shore in Lake Ontario to be close to the end users Down Town. They went nuts about how ugly the Harbour Front Southern view would be and they joined the Condo owners along the Queens Quay because both groups are OH SO special while Toronto holds the largest % of Seats for MP’s and MPP’s.

    In the USA , the small States get 2-Senators for a balance of power during the Legislative operations for Votes as a republic as oppose the our system where the A-holes in the GTA use the Human Rights Commission and Elections to dictate the laws for 30,000,000 people across canada and 10 million of them in Ontario.
    If the jew-hating pr-sharia population gets large enough they can use the Election and HRC to legalize pedophilia and spouse abuse because right now John Tory REFUSES to condemn that jew-hating Mosque just 2 minute from his Office and he now embraces illegals which are about 300,000+ and growing.

  • terrence22

    But, but, BUT, Kathleen Wynne is saving the planet – so she MUST build as many windmills as she can.

  • canminuteman

    I am going to guess that the contractors are connected to the Liberal Party, and pay good kickbacks.

  • xavier

    Opportunities for graft and corruption for the cronies

  • Jaedo Drax

    because it’s a political decision, not an engineering decision. The same reason why solar is so popular despite living in a canadian climate. And of course why you can’t find out the total net power generated by the turbine at the CNE.

  • Alain

    Would have anything to do with all the windbag politicians? There is also most certainly the kickback taking place and being the reason.

  • Malcolm Y

    Lay off the baked beans.

  • deplorabledave

    Because its run by idiots.

  • Because Liberals’ friends demand it.

  • bob e

    it’s so friggin’ stupid. it only is ‘transformative’ if you are at the money end of it.