Tommy Robinson speaks out after ‘girl attacked by three Asian men who called her ‘white sl*g’

The activist Tommy Robinson has launched a furious tirade on Facebook after a woman posted photos of a number of horrific injuries that she said she had received from ‘three Asian males.’

WARNING: The post below contains graphic images and very strong language.

  • Uncommunist

    Have the pc criminals arrested Elaine and Tommy yet ?

  • vwVwwVwv

    One day the British will discover that in every kitchen they have a knife,
    I am not sure but I hope they can then distinguish between Muslim and Kuffar.

  • Watchman

    Just a side note: the stitches you see here seem quite inappropriate for facial wounds and will almost certainly leave a ‘train track’ scar. It would be particularly hurtful for women who worry more about their appearance than, say, a male who might even revel in having a notorious looking scar. This is what you get under the ‘everyone gets the same treatment even if it’s a low standard’ medicine of the British NHS (National Health Scheme).

    Every day, even years from now, she looks in the mirror will remind her of the assault.

    • Tooth&Claw

      A veterinarian would do a better stitching job IMHO.

    • Clink9

      It does look like a major hack job.

      Must have been Dr. Bottom of the Class.

      • Watchman

        The bunching up of the skin under the stitches indicates high stress on the stitches, and this is likely to lead to necrosis of the skin between the stitch and the cut line, causing the train track scarring. The stitches would be OK on a guy’s butt, but probably not even suitable for the same place on a woman who would be self conscious about such scars if she wore a bathing costume.

      • vimy

        I wonder if his name was Mohammad.

    • Blacksmith

      I had similar thoughts.

  • The Buddhist Butterfly

    Why are British people so stupid as to call them Asian?

    Are there any British people here? Why are you so stupid?

    • Watchman

      They used to call them ‘Pakis’ because a large number of them had immigrated from Pakistan, until this was determined to be racist and derogatory. The press then needed a term to describe this distinctive group with non-British looks, non-British behaviour, and non-British ideology.

      The Pakistani immigrants were lumped in with the Indians, technically themselves termed ‘South Asians’, but since the Pakistanis weren’t really in the south of Asia, the inclusive term used for them was ‘Asian’ which was also used for the Indians since it was hard for the average Briton to visibly differentiate.

      The number of Chinese, Thai, Burmese, Vietnamese or Japanese was comparatively too low to need to consistently differentiate these ‘East Asians’ from the Pakistani ‘Asians’. It also allowed any anti-British behaviours of the Pakistanis to be hidden in the broad category of Asian so that crime statistics would not be able to single out any cultural or religious category that was inherently dangerous to Britain.

      So now every Chinese and Japanese in Briton must squirm slightly when they read in the papers headlines like, “Asian Gang Sentenced For Child Sexual Exploitation”.

      • bob e

        good good boss..thank you.

    • Alain

      Asian is British newspeak for Muslim.

  • ontario john

    Have the media stated that the attackers were misunderstand yet??

  • In what universe are those sorts of injuries acceptable?

    • Alain

      Only in the West.

    • bob e

      i can’t look at this ..

      • Unfortunately, these kinds of wounds will be all too familiar in the near future.

        • Watchman

          The muslims have a solution for this type of ugly violence: it’s called a niqab. /sarc

  • bob e

    this is just effin’ awful.. Please let this happen to Teresa Mays kin..

  • Blind Druid

    “Asian” is British media Newspeak for Middle Eastern Muslim, usually Pakistani.