Premier to Host Town Hall Meeting on Fairness and Opportunity

Ontario Seeking Public Input on Plan to Help People Get Ahead in Changing Economy

Premier Kathleen Wynne is inviting people to a town hall meeting to share their ideas about the government’s plan to create a fairer, better Ontario for all.The Premier’s Town Hall will take place at the Concert Hall at 888 Yonge St., formerly the Masonic Temple, in Toronto today, Monday, November 20 and will be moderated by Jane Taber, Vice-President of Public Affairs for NATIONAL Public Relations and former political reporter for The Globe and Mail. The Town Hall is free admission and open to anyone who wants to share their ideas on education, health care, job security, housing and other issues that matter most to them, their families and people across the province.

General admission seating will be available on a first-come, first-served basis at the Concert Hall. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. with the Premier’s Town Hall beginning at 6:30 p.m.

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  • David Murrell

    Jane Taber, of “National Public Relations”, was a real piece of work while writing for the Globe and Mail. The Globe, as is well known, is a pro-federal-Liberal mouthpiece. But Jane Taber managed to out-Liberal everybody at the once respected newspaper.

    Strangely, when once she was up high in the Globe’s national affairs division, she was demoted to head up the one-person Atlantic Canada bureau, surely Siberia for any for any aspiring Globe journalist.

    Still, even there Taber pressed on to promote the Liberal cause. During the 2015 federal election, when Trudeau campaigned with Liberal Premier Brian Gallant, Jane Taber gushed with fawning prose, emphasizing the “youth” angle, complete with a favouraboe Globe photo of the two leaders. Since then New Brunswicker have been hit with one tax hike after another.

    So here Jane Taber is plotting with Kathleenv Wynne to advance her reelection ambitions.

  • Barbara

    so who found out about this in time to plan and prepare? Her fans?

    • A Hamilton Guy

      They used to have her on Question period. A waste of space.

  • ontario john

    Are white people invited?

    • Watchman

      Yes, but it is almost certainly going to be a PR effort, not a true chance to publicly get feedback.

      Here’s what will happen:
      – Every attendee will be given a pen and pieces of paper
      – The MC will announce that due to the large number of attendees, a system has been put together to allow everyone a opportunity to have their voices heard.
      – Everyone will be asked to write their question on one piece of of paper and to write down their most important issues on the other, differently coloured, piece of paper.
      – The papers will be handed in and the questions will be sorted out from the list of concerns
      – The MC will tell the audience that they will look through the questions and, in the limited time available, will put those most important and common questions to Wynne on behalf of those who wrote the questions.
      – Selected questions will be presented to Wynne, who will be able to answer the questions as if she had carefully researched beforehand the answers (for which she had).
      – Nobody except for the organisers will know how many questions were submitted, but only hear the ones presented to Wynne by the MC.
      – Nobody will be permitted to approach a microphone and ask questions in person, all questions will be directed to be written down on paper and submitted for voicing by an organiser.
      – If someone complains, they will be told that the organisers are trying to ensure that they are getting through the most questions they can in the limited time. They will be told, “Your question is important, and Wynne will be supplied with both a list of the questions as well as a list of the attendees most important issues. Expect to see Wynne addressing these both in the coming weeks.”
      – A press release extolling the success of the meeting, especially if someone famous and in opposition to Wynne was present. The announcement will be that everyone, including that opponent, was given an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback.
      – No question actually asked by a member of the audience will have to be asked in that public meeting, all the questions asked and answered might be submitted by ‘attendees’ but these ‘attendees’ might be the meeting organisers and PR team.

      And this is how you run and control these type of meetings.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    Resign, and take the rest of your faggots with you.

  • Note that this is in Toronto. How many there will be rather cross with this cow?