North Korea chaos: Despot Kim Jong-un bans MOTHER’S DAY messages in jealous rage

In the rogue state, the three Kim leaders have all demanded unwavering, almost God-like support and adulation during their reigns – and the current dictator believes his leadership is being undermined.

One source within North Korea said the loving messages children are sending to their mothers are seen as “encroaching upon the significance” of Kim, and the memory of his father and grandfather.

  • ntt1

    Lordy that is an ugly hair cut, and now the arms of his eye glasses seem to be being absorbed into his skull.

    • Clink9

      They’re all too afraid to tell him.

    • Blacksmith

      Not his skull, the fat covering his scull 😉

  • David Murrell

    That North Korean soldier who was shot defecting? Turns out he has worms in his intestines:

    • Clink9

      Yuck. What the hell is wrong with these “people”?

      “North Korea still uses human feces as fertilizer, known as “night soil.” He likely had the parasites for a long time”

      • Watchman

        Human feces have been used as fertiliser for human crops for a very long time right around the world. We’re wrong we just assume that the sewage systems we enjoy are available around the world and even in third world countries. Some of our naive are shocked to discover the toilet habits of many third world ‘refugees’ when they arrive here.

        • Blacksmith

          When I was in the Navy, we had Moroccans on board for a few days, They crapped in the corner of the berthing compartments.

          • Watchman

            I can understand their muslim sense of naked body shame in not crapping directly on the vegetable gardens set up on every ship’s main deck. /sarc

        • A Hamilton Guy

          If you cooked your food long enough it shouldn’t matter.

      • These people are reduced to poverty and starvation.

        THAT is what is wrong with them.

  • There shall be no other objects of affection other than the dictator Kim.

    Again – why can’t we assassinate him?

    • The Buddhist Butterfly

      Because Ted Kennedy.

      • He is roasting in hell as we speak.

        • The Buddhist Butterfly

          I have absolutely no doubt of that.

          • Someone is actually making a movie about him.


          • The Buddhist Butterfly

            Everyone who ever voted for him is also going to hell if they are not already there.

          • The Buddhist Butterfly

            Oh so that’s what butterfly barf looks like. Fascinating. Very similar to goat barf, incidentally.

          • Perhaps goatifly barf.

    • Blind Druid

      Waste of time. Another little family despot will step up. It will require either a military coup (unlikely) or external intervention to take these assholes out.

      • I think that is what will happen. His generals won’t be loyal forever.

  • Killer Marmot

    The only fat person in North Korea.

  • Hard Little Machine

    He’s like short fat Jerry Brown.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    He is a weird pos.

  • xavier

    What a brittle regime eh?