New Hampshire: Church gives house to Muslim who will convert it to a mosque

Will Coley, “The Redneck Muslim”

The man who plans to open a mosque on Route 101 in Keene says he will fight the city on the grounds of freedom of religion if they attempt to stop the opening with what he sees as arbitrary city zoning and permitting regulations.

Will Coley, the future mosque’s imam and caretaker, says his Masjid al Latiff and Interfaith Community Center, or MALIC Center, was to open on Saturday, but he ran into a city permitting hitch last week.

“It could ostensibly delay the opening of our center by up to two months, six weeks,” Coley said Monday. “And I’m now arguing that it is causing an undue hardship to our community.”

  • simus1

    The crankology and ultra muslim externology is strong in this one.

  • The Deplorable Rosenmops

    ” “We need to be very clear-eyed about the fact that China as a party state has all sorts of reasons and means to try to influence ethnic Chinese overseas.”
    Prof. Hamilton has argued for tougher laws in response to “this new kind of influence that is being exerted on nations like Australia and Canada.” ”


    The Chinese and Muslims will have to fight each other over who gets Canada and Australia.

    • P_F

      Canada will be divided in two parts. Eastern half will become islamic state ruled under sharia law. Whereas resource rich west will be ruled by commie china.
      That’s the future of canada in 5 years. Canadians, as sheeple have they become, will be happy to live peacefully either as muslims or dhimmi obediently paying their dues to mohammedan overlords. The westerners will be content to have a job, piece of bread and most importantly their smart phones granted by chinese bosses.

  • QiPo

    Sadly there is no shortage of intellectual deficiency or psychically damaged people in the west. Those unwilling or unable to read/learn from eons of human wisdom and errors well documented. Americans who still revere the worst humanity has ever produced. Add to that festering diseased mental soup one W Coley. One day the birds of sorrow will come home to roost in his head and heart. I pity him, Keene, New Hampshire, and the USA for this spawn and will pray for at least a ray of light to illuminate Coley’s now dark spirit.

    • favill

      I read somewhere that many Protestant Christian churches are “run” or heavily influenced by the women in its congregation. Just more proof women shouldn’t have any influence at all. I attended a Roman Catholic parish a few years ago where the priest was from a Muslim-majority country in Africa…he started speaking out about not giving in to Islam’s demands during the homily…you should have seen the women’s reaction…he was gone within two months. I stopped attending that church.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Could there BE anything more New Hampshire?

  • tom_billesley

    City zoning and permitting regulations are man-made laws, and are not for mahometans.
    This is obvious from the buildings erected in gardens at the rear of houses in enriched areas of certain British cities. Prosecutions don’t happen, as there are placemen in city planning authorities.

  • Bless his heart

    The invaders ordered by Sharia law to conquer all not Islam are complaining city regulations don’t let them set up an enemy base. Tough titties, enemy.