John Kerry: “The Palestinians have done an extraordinary job of remaining committed to nonviolence”

Not the Onion.

  • The Buddhist Butterfly

    Reporting for duty!

  • JoKeR
  • How could Kerry be so frigging ignorant.

    Anyone with a mind would think the following could be part of the problem?

    Sahih Bukhari (52:177) – Allah’s Apostle said, “The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. “O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.”

    • Observer

      I believe his daughter married an Iranian with connections to that regime.

      • Norman_In_New_York

        She sure did.

  • David Murrell

    And to think this unhinged wack-job almost became President.

  • John

    In light of the day’s news…sometimes you just know Manson targeted the wrong people!

  • Hard Little Machine

    He’s not crazy, he’s one of the major people if not the most major figure at The Tides Foundation, long a left of left of left money group fronting for Arabs and Iranians and Marxists against the West. Wherever you see a so called NGO screaming for a new Holocaust you’ll find Tides Foundation money in their pockets.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      He should have been a platoon leader with a good platoon sgt. He wouldn’t be around now.

  • This is why I believe that drugs are bad.

  • Clausewitz

    And John Kerry has done an extraordinary job of remaining committed to non reality.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Not that hardcore State Department functionaries see things much different from him. Another pestilential swamp in dire need of draining.