For Many Americans, the Media Is Now Their God

The notion espoused by some in Christendom today that the United States was once occupied by an almost entirely God-fearing population is largely a myth. There has been and always will be a great deal of irreligious people in America, as there is in every place on this Earth. Historically speaking, the presence of a large population of atheists and agnostics is an important sign that a society is, at least to a large extent, free. Conversely, absolute uniformity of any kind is typically only accompanied by a tyrannical government.

In that sense—and in that sense alone—the lack of religion in the United States today can be viewed, even by Christians, as positive. But an equally fair analysis of our present state also reveals that our severe moral decay is destroying whole communities and creating a great deal of suffering.

  • Brett McS

    The issue is not Christian/Jewish versus Atheist: In a traditional Judaeo-Christian society virtually everyone, whether they are believers or not, follows the system of thought and culture that developed from Christianity and Judaism.

    The issue is that now – perhaps more than ever – there are people who are not only not believers but who have lost even the schema of traditional Christianity-based Western culture that has turned the West into the most advanced and peaceful society ever. People are getting no grounding in the basic attitudes and principles, neither through education nor culture nor friends and relatives.