Europe: Destroyed by the West’s Indifference?

  • Our media and intelligentsia are always on alert to defend everything coming from Islam, from women’s veils to the “right not be offended” by cartoons. The same establishment, however, lies in a coma when it comes to Christian symbols under attack.
  • The West today keeps on hiding its deepest secret: that there is an Islamic war going on against our own Judeo-Christian civilization.
  • “They want Christianity eradicated, and they want to convert all Muslims to their crusade… They want it to be a holy war. And they want Christians gone. And I don’t think that narrative is getting the attention it should get…” — Piers Morgan, Daily Mail.
  • Old Guy

    Then, the narrative needs to change.

    If Islam is judged by what Islamists do and not by what Islamists say they do then …

    Islam is a political ideology of conquest and muslim supremacism. It masquerades as a religion. It’s goal is world domination. It deceives and preys on the weak, the foolish and the decadent.

    • Jabberwokk

      Almost. It’s one and the same. Both political and religion.

      “Rules made by men to for and to control other men.”

      Am I talking Politics or religion?

  • Thomas Henderson

    “The West keeps on hiding its deepest secret…”

    Except it has hardly been a secret. Existentialism, deconstructionism, and every other post-modern philosophy ascendant in the West since the 1960s has been actively hostile to Christianity – the religious foundation at the heart of our civilization and culture. The more subtle and dangerous secret has been that the roots of these lie in Marxism. The sad part is that its heresies have infiltrated every western church. The Roman and Protestant churches have been compromised. And ditto for our media.

    The collusion of the post-modernists and Mohammedans rests in part in the maxim: the enemy of my enemy is my friend. This is compounded by the iconoclasm found in both. The word icon means “image” and since Christ is viewed by Christians as “the image of God in Man made perfect”, the target comes naturally.

    God preserve our Antiochian Orthodox and Coptic brethren in their time of trial. As the church father Tertullian pointed out long ago: “the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church.” To their credit, their hope rests in the resurrection, not us.

    • Jabberwokk

      That’s because it’s true. Christianity has taken on all comers and survived all of it. That alone should give people pause to look it over honestly as to why, and then hopefully, to who.

  • David Murrell

    Good posted essay. Worth reading in full.

  • favill

    Saying the Hail Mary…while scanning my arcs of fire as we traveled through Taliban country. Didn’t know why I did it…just did. A few weeks later when the Brits were singing Onward Christian Soldier during the Remembrance Day ceremony in Kandahar–I had my epiphany.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      She will crush the serpent’s head. Pray, believe, and act.