Continental Breakfast

Bacon-Wrapped Croissant Breakfast Sandwich – click on image for the recipe

Global Warming Theory ‘Completely Disconnected From the Observations’

Extensive analysis of temperature trends in the Arctic reveals that there has been no detectable long-term change since the beginning of the 20th century, and thus predictions of a sea ice-free Arctic in the coming decades due to dramatically rising temperatures are not rooted in observation.

Since the theory is clearly wrong about forecasting the temperature patterns in the Arctic, all other predictions made by the theory must be wrong too.

Sweden’s Women Live in Fear in the First ‘Feminist’ Nation

Swedish officials could have chosen the moment to bravely show their support for Iranian women, some of whom are risking their lives by fighting for equality and the right to not wear a hijab.

Instead, Swedish officials showed their support for Iran’s Islamic government, saying later that to not wear a headscarf would have been illegal.

But critics say this kind of double standard on women’s rights is nothing new in Sweden, where the “world’s first feminist government” has had a role in making the nation less safe for women.

Australian publisher drops book on Chinese influence; author warns Canada is also at risk

Alarmed by creeping Chinese influence on Australian political life, Clive Hamilton set out to investigate.

He found much to write about – only to become, himself, the subject of China’s efforts to promote its agenda around the world, after fears of retaliation by Beijing caused his publisher to back away from a book containing his findings.

Now, he is warning about the risks of China’s rising power – including in Canada, which has become an important target for a Beijing-led campaign that relies on shadowy government-funded agencies to spread influence among Chinese people living overseas.

JMU to Offer ‘Black Lives Matter’ Course Examining ‘Human Rights in the Era of a New Jim Crow’

The class, given as a special topic in the Women’s and Gender Studies Department at the public university, will look at “the radical resistance of the Black Lives Matter movement to state sanctioned violence against black and brown communities,” according to the course description.

Topics covered will include “black joy in the face of oppression” and “the media dismissal of Black Lives Matter in favor of focus on ‘black on black’ crime,” the description goes on.

Bill to end five-week Ontario college strike passes

Ontario legislated college faculty back to work on Sunday, ending a five-week strike and paving the way for students to return to class on Tuesday.

Colleges are extending their semesters so students don’t lose their terms, but trying to condense five missed weeks into roughly two extra ones will be very stressful, student advocates say.

“It’s going to be a very busy rest of the semester for students,” said Joel Willett, president of the College Student Alliance. “They have indicated to us that they are very frustrated.”