Why banning ‘extremist content’ isn’t as easy as it sounds

And with the door now open for “extremist content” to be removed with little or no transparency, YouTube should consider amending its claim as a platform “for expression.” Perhaps re-labeling the services as a platform “for politically correct expression” would be more accurate.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Any speeches by Stephen Harper are extremist and should be banned by our government!

  • Gary

    When I hear the RCMP excuse away quran inspired terrorism by reporting how the muslims was ” self-radicalized ” . I put that in a PC decoding machine and it comes out as ‘ He read the quran himself ‘ .

    It is odd how the media blames the radical Imams that poison the brains of these youth in Canada …..but then deny there are any Radical Mosques in Canada.
    It’s like excusing away teen drug use and violence on bad parent skills in fatherless homes but then claim that all single moms have good children and it’s all about love in the home and not 2 parents .