Student Forced to Remove ‘Fake News’ Shirt During Field Trip to CNN

A seventh grader in Georgia made the hilarious decision to wear a ‘fake news’ t-shirt on a field trip to CNN with his middle school. His teachers failed to see the humor and made him change his shirt.

  • ontario john

    The kid is obviously Hitler. And why isn’t he trans gender like the rest of the kids.

  • simus1

    Did they visit a mosque as well on the same trip to involuntarily “join up” or is that treat being saved for “muslim Christmas” week?
    My silly question – there must be a mosque built into the CNN HQ.

    • mobuyus

      With their tireless slaving for islam CNN HQ must be a mosque.

  • Editor

    Regardless of what the t-shirt says, where does a middle school teacher get the moral, let alone legal authority to tell anyone what they can and cannot wear.

    • simus1

      It is all covered in their official handbook:
      “Welcome New Middle School Comrade Teacher” by J Stalin.

      • Editor

        Thanks. I’ll read up. I might still be peeved by a local grade school prohibiting students from bringing chips/snacks or candy bars in their lunch. I, as a parent, was prohibited from giving my kid Doritos or a Jersey Milk in their lunch, regardless if it was a monthly treat or reward for good grades or behavior. PROHIBITED! They relented and reworded the diktat to “healthy” lunch choices when exposed in the press. Who the hell died and left them in charge? Reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic. That’s what you’re supposed to be paid for. I think they do so little of the three Rs that they have way too much time on their hands and come up with these petty, we-know-better rules.