Report: Migrants Make up Half of Norwegian Welfare Recipients

The report, which comes from the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV), claims that not only are a disproportionate number of migrants receiving welfare, but many are living below the poverty line. Minister Hauglie has warned that the poor migrants could be forming an underclass in Norwegian society, Verdens Gang reports.

  • deplorabledave

    That’s funny.

  • Alain

    Only one half? I would be interested in knowing the details of the other half, such as their origin.

    • John Boy

      And half of the other half are probably multiple fake identities for the migrants if the Canadian experience is any indicator.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Pikers. Go for a hundred.

  • Millie_Woods

    “Minister Hauglie has warned that the poor migrants could be forming an underclass in Norwegian society..”

    You’ll be lucky if that’s all they’re forming.

  • David Murrell

    Muslim migrants may form an underclass in society? Who would have thunk?

    • Alain

      Only to receive all social benefits, since otherwise as true supremacists they demand the host citizens submit to their demands.

  • Gary

    Canada’s Imams need to get their lies straight. One day I heard an Imam boast how Muslims had a higher Education that canadian born non-muslims , they had the lowest unemployment rates, lowest prison populations , highest Incomes next to the jews .
    Fine…but right after the 2 Jihad attacks in 2014 that killed 2 soldiers on our soil . Some other Imam claims that poverty drives muslims to get radicalized which is because of racism towards muslims. Then he said that Muslims have the highest unemployment rates and welfare rates which gives them one of the highest per-capita Poverty rates in Canada .

    So when there is NO terrorism it’s because all muslims are a genius with high paying jobs and Phd’s that also obey the laws where few are in Prison.
    But once the bombs go off we see how Muslims are oppressed and victims of racism to be denied jobs and trapped in Poverty that drives them the embrace being radicalized and do Jihad for allah.

    The NDP even claimed that the Muslim taxi drivers were victims of racism because they had Phd’s as Doctors and engineers but couldn’t get hired in Canada ….then came the UBER cars in Toronto where the NDP opposed it because muslim Taxi driver would be out of work and they have no skills to work elsewhere.
    The homeless are now being exploited by several Advocate groups that blame Mental Health , low welfare rates, housing crisis , drug addition , Rental Unit shortage and whatever excuse they can make a Label from to slap on them .
    In fact,City Hall now blames HIV and AIDS on the drug addicted homeless or drug user in Prison. Forget the growing Gay Village where young males under 25 are the new crisis group where many also do drugs and get HIV/AIDS .
    Toronto also does this for muslims that are tied to terrorism and Jihad or spouse abuse. The Police look for a motive that has NOTHING to do with islam while the Feminists used the Sharia based violence towards women to fuel their misandry and add it to the Myth of rampant ” Domestic Violence ” by male.

    We will never get the truth about the disastrous Multiculturalism Policy for all the bad cultural traits we imported and the Religious jew-hatred and barbarism that getting people killed .

    • Observer

      Just don’t say they have stated falsehoods to their face or publicly out one of them by name or they will have the Human Rights Commissions persecute you until you are bankrupted, for your “islamophobia”.

  • northofnowhere

    In true socialist fashion the only solution would be to pay them more in welfare benefits!

  • k1962

    And who are the other half?