Quit hiding workplace sex abuse settlements!

From Derek Hunter at Townhall:

The $15 million-plus reportedly paid out by us, the taxpayers, to “make good” on the indiscretions, perversions, and flashing of subordinates on Capitol Hill is equally unacceptable. The perpetrators need to be exposed and removed.

They haven’t been yet because they’re the ones who set the rules governing how their actions are adjudicated. If you get to set the rules you always come out ahead. And the rules they’ve made protect them.

Those rules need to be changed. There needs to be complete and total transparency of any monies paid out for sexual harassment. It doesn’t matter if the punishment is expulsion or just censure; if we’re forced to pay they should be forced to expose who we’re paying and for what. More.

Reality check: Good approach. In some of these situations, it is hard to know how to proceed but unlike Hollywood and Big Media, the Congresspigs are spending public money, for which they can be made accountable.

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