‘No to Brussels!’ EU summit provokes fury as hundreds of protesters demand Swedish exit

The mass protest in Gothenburg on Friday evening came just as the EU summit, which Donald Tusk, Jean-Claude Juncker and Emmanuel Macron all attended, came to an end.

Protesters at the rally, named the ‘Alternative EU Summit’, took to the streets to voice their fury at the direction of the EU and demanded Sweden break away from the bloc.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Yes to sharia!!!!

  • Blind Druid

    That’s like closing the drawbridge after the trojan horse is already inside. Sverige is toast.

    • Watchman

      Smart patriotic Europeans might support Sweden being cast adrift before it sinks and takes other countries down with it; it may not make any difference as the European elite have already opened the seacocks inside their own nations floating in a sea of immigrants.