Merkel’s nightmare: Germany braced for snap election as parties have ONE DAY to reach deal

Germany could be heading for a snap election, unless the Chancellor’s Christian Democratic Union party (CDU) can iron out disagreements with their would-be coalition partners over climate and migration policy.

  • Those of you who enjoy boxing, see this 1m video.
    A one-punch (first punch) victory just 5 secs into the first round of a world champ match! This must be a world record.

    • Clink9

      We have to get Mohamed Trudeau Ali in the ring with that guy.

  • deplorabledave

    So the greens want more death cultists and fewer energy options. You would have to be bereft of common sense to support such people. They should be pushed into a corner and told to STFU.

    • J. C.

      Into a corner…???

      No, no, no… They need to be pushed into the Rhine! (And held under for about 5 minutes…)

    • Watchman

      The Greens want Zero Population Growth (at best) in whites, but unlimited immigration into the country for others. How any country is supposed to support these is not quite answered by the Green’s other policies of no mining, no fossil fuels, no nuclear power, no privately owned vehicles, no chemical fertilisers, and no capitalism.

      • ntt1

        Just like D. Suzuki, They want a return to an agrarian bronze age lifestyle, with the extinction of white people due to original sin or something.

      • Bless his heart

        It was a trick.

  • Dave

    From the so-called far right: “Among its demands are a cap of 200,000 per year on the number of refugees”. If I was “far right” I’d be wanting deportations of at least 200,000 per year.
    But hey, that’s just me.

    • Watchman

      I think you have mistaken the attempt by the CSU to avoid bleeding votes by claiming to support a 200,000 immigration limit: “The CSU fears that it risks being topppled by the far-right in regional elections next year after 60 years in power if it fails to secure immigration red lines”

      It is all about the fear of losing power to the (so called) far-right that has prompted them to adopt this 200,000 limit and anti-chain migration policy. As such it is likely to be supported in name only by the CSU, not in real action, and Merkel is likely to assist this deception as much as she can if they form a coalition government.

      • Dave

        Either way, I’d still be calling for deportation or removal of “troublesome” refugees.

        • Watchman

          They are all troublesome to ethnic Germans.

  • barryjr

    Yeah right, I wouldn’t hold my breath. These 3 parties have so little respect for citizens and so much hatred for the AfD that they will reach some sort of compromise just to hold on to power.

    • Alternatively, Merkel is removed from leadership of the CDU. It moves more to the right with the CSU. And they form an alliance with the FPO and AfD. One can hope!

  • Bless his heart

    Cram her into the ground.

    Germans. Be Germany again. Be the good that I have seen in germans all of my life.

    My Great Uncle, by way of marrying my Great Aunt, spoke in front of 5000 people in the USA at a German Bunde meeting before WW2 against the evils of Hitler, who had done some good in getting the economy back again. His mother was thrown in jail in Germany. He was respected in the German NY community and he had been awarded the Iron Cross in WW1. Today Germans are not arrested for speech. OOPS. I am wrong. Germans are arrested for telling the truth now, especially about Islam, and the Islamic conquest of Europe. Also the EU and EC desires to end nations and borders in Europe and end Christianity. Sutherland, Junkers, , Soros, and merkel are evil geocidal anti-Europeans working hard to destroy Germany and Europe.
    Enjoy the slight economic stability Merkel has been ruling over. The forces of history will destroy you if you don”t wake up. The ducks are in a row. the dominoes are falling. Act. or die, Germany.