It’s 2005 and major media have just discovered blogging…

Ed Driscoll fondly remembers at PJ Media:

In 1998, Doug Harbrecht was the president of the National Press Club and Washington news editor of Business Week magazine. Here’s how he introduced Drudge, when Drudge was invited to speak at Washington’s National Press Club in June 1998:

I’d like to welcome Club members and their guests in the audience today, as well as those of you watching on C-SPAN or listening to this program on National Public Radio.I must confess, my first reaction to having our speaker today at the National Press Club was the same as what a lot of other members of the Club have had: Why do we want to give a forum to that guy?

Then there’s Keith Olbermann, that bright spark of cable TV chat shows. Speaking at Cornell University’s commencement around that same time, he quipped that Newsweek’s story on Monica Lewinsky got scooped “by an idiot with a modem who has decided that his job is to take any rumor he hears and put it out onto the Internet.” More.

Reality check: It’s classic on the part of mediocrities to act entitled to succeed, irrespective of reality. Don’t let them get their grubby paws on any means of “controlling” the internet for “the public good.”

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