How the world has changed! Father compares his 1960s version of a classic children’s book with the modern copy his own kids have – and finds politically correct edits galore

A much loved children’s story book has had a revamp to make it more politically correct, including placing a male bunny in the kitchen helping his wife, ad

‘The Best Word Book Ever’ by US author Richard Scarry was first published in 1963, but over the years the illustrations have been gradually tweaked to bring the book up to speed with modern times.

The colourful illustrations of rosy cheeked pigs in police uniforms and rabbits getting the children ready for school are very much the same, but ‘policeman’, ‘fireman’ and ‘handsome pilot’ have been changed to unisex titles such as ‘firefighter’.

Male characters are also pictured looking after children and cooking, whilst female characters have been given careers such as farming and labouring.

  • Una Salus


  • andycanuck

    Is the book Carrots, Leaves, or Me? judging by the ‘pretty stewardess’?

  • Dana Garcia

    I dunno — the old version pictured above looks darn diverse to me: a cat is boarding a plane with a long-eared rabbit stewardess.

    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      The part that they don’t show is that the inflight meal IS the stewardess.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Some of these differences are trivial changes made into everyday parlance for decades.

  • BillyHW

    Are the career women shown whining and bitching and crying on the job and eating birthday cake all day but nothing but salad at lunch and complaining how cold it is and how fat they are?

  • Liberal Progressive

    Transphobes! Where are the identified transgendered characters and the lessons on gender fluidity?

  • DaninVan

    Been a long time since I’ve seen a bunny grade stewardess… 😉
    (Calling them ‘bunny stews’ seems a bit awkward)

    Oh, and just for the record, ‘Firefighter’ is a much better descriptor than ‘Fireman’, regardless of the gender.

    • Watchman

      A Fireman is someone who can drag you out of a burning building. A Firefighter is someone with a 50% chance of dragging you out of a burning building. Sorry, but basic biology rules here.

      • canminuteman

        I think his objection is that a fireman is a guy who tends the fire in a boiler.

    • John Boy

      Until their job is redefined as one to burn government-deemed undesirable books, as in Fahrenheit 451.

  • Rasputin’s rosary

    As a third generation firefighter that is the proper name for the job. A fireman worked on a train tending the fire for the engineer.

  • ntt1

    “Female farmers and labourers “shows the book to be solid fantasy. Women given the choice will always avoid “icky” dirty hands jobs,Even the female woodworkers in my industry are all eager to move into safety officer jobs where they get paid extra to stock band aids and stare into computers.

    • UCSPanther

      I have worked in fabricator jobs as a laborer and have never seen a woman working on the shop floor. My brother has only seen one woman welder.

      Any woman who can do “men’s work” is worthy of respect, but they are rare in my experience.

      • ntt1

        less than 1% in my industry,and they still claim they are paid less even when confronted by comparing check stubs.

  • DaninVan

    Where I am, one of the most respected local telecommunication ‘linemen” is a woman.
    Some really fine local craftsmen (wood and metal) are female as well.

    Firefighters? Yeh, my preference is for someone who weighs more than me…their weight being muscle not fat.