Disability rights advocates fight ‘demeaning’ immigration criteria

The Council of Canadians with Disabilities is calling for the repeal of a provision that bars immigrants with disabilities from settling in Canada on grounds that they could place too much demand on the country’s medical system. The group contends the practice is discriminatory and based on outdated, stereotypical ideas around disability.

Why should disabled persons get special treatment for immigration? Are they being persecuted because of their disabilities?

  • Alain

    In other words this is an anti-Canadian council. Certainly, it is not a council with a mandate to protect the rights of Canadians with disabilities.

    • Gary

      Since canada now has all the sane muslims on earth, they want make sure all muslims can come here because it’s nor fair to the 1.5 billion .

  • Sid Falco

    Especially for disabilities caused by inbreeding…

  • SDMatt

    . . . calling for the repeal of a provision that bars immigrants with disabilities from settling in Canada on grounds that they could place too much demand on the country’s medical system.

    Based on the number of ancient Sikhs I’ve seen in Brampton painfully waddling left and right in obvious need of hip replacement surgery, I’d say that “provision” is hardly ever applied. Canada’s medical system is already toast in the name of bringing in Liberal voters.

    • Alain

      Brampton, you say? I doubt it can come close the parts of the Fraser Valley for that and this has been the case for years but getting even worse.

    • Clausewitz

      Between 1998 and 2005 I was on dialysis. The clinic I was dialysed at was known as Terminal IV by the nurses because that was the first place that folks from the Indian sub continent went to under the family reunification act. The cost of a Dialysis treatment at that time was $350 per visit. These were also the people who bitched the most about the care and never once expressed their gratitude to the Canadian taxpayers for keeping them alive.

  • Ottawa Eyes

    Most already know the system, don’t claim disability only welfare until they get landed status, and then claim disabilities, mostly things like psychological disabilities and even things like dyslexia without any third-party independent verification.

    Then many go back home without the government knowing that and their cheques are directly deposited in Canadian bank accounts to eventually be forwarded to their homelands where they have moved back to.

    Those that are in public housing, often illegally sublet the apartments to those illegally here, and that sublet rent then the part that is what is supposed to go to the public housing authority goes to them and the illegal extra goes as profit into the scammers bank accounts to get forwarded to where they now live.

    The bureaucrats and politicians all know this and turn a blind eye while saying lots more money needs to be put into the system, while denying Canadian citizens housing saying that it is because of a lack of funding.

    • Reader

      Your last paragraph is the clincher.

      It is expected that a proportion of those trying to enter will be of no benefit to Canada and some will be outright parasites who need to be blocked any entry.

      What is not acceptable is that the political and bureaucratic elite have no concern about protecting the interests of Canadians and are willing to support and even encourage the wholesale abuse of the systems that are supposed to prevent such abuses at a gigantic cost to Canadians and our economy.

      • John Boy

        Don’t forget the security threat we are all being exposed to for their hidden political agendas.

    • Gary

      I remember the Welfare fraud when claimants vacationed in Florida or lived their for the Winter in cheap housing or in a friend 2nd home down there.
      The relative in Canada mailed the cheque to them to sign and mail back which was then put in their account and appeared as if they signed in canada and were here.
      The new scam for teens is to alleged a fear of violence at home. But , the parents conspire with the teens close friends parent where they their teens move out to get qualify for welfare and then just move into each parents empty room .
      They just swap bedrooms and Bingo ….they get about $600 a month plus the other benefits of TTC passes and dental while both teens live near each other anyway and have phones too.
      One other scam is the illegals with an address outside canada where Toronto gives the welfare with NO valid ID and won’t report then to the RCMP. If they keep all their receipts for any purchase that can file for the HST rebate as a Tourist because the CRA has no record for their Tax return or SIN link to the Social Benefit.

      People wouldn’t uproot their family where the children were born and have friend in and then travel up to 6000 miles to get in canada unless there was money it to NOT be a Citizen or tel l the Government your in Canada.
      Harper forced the Travel VISA on people from Mexico because there were about 35,000 ” Tourists” that came to canada over a three year period where close to 24,000 made a refugee claim.
      The same CUPE members that processed their Welfare papers were also the ones these Mexicans may have fetched cold drinks for on the Beach or made their Beds in the hotels while on vacation in Mexico .

      No big shock that Politicians love defending the Charter Rights when they can get them votes. But when Tourists can collect welfare when a Citizen must qualify and show ID , or how Immigrant get more benefits the Citizens …. they don’t give a damn about that Charter Right violation for Citizens that include Seniors and VETS .
      ODSP pay about $1100.00 a month with drug and dental benefits. Citizens can only collect it up to age 65 and then get dumped onto CPP and OAS with few benefits .
      Immigrants the don’t get their Citizenship ( i.e, Mentally ill Jihadists) can collect the $1100.00 a month for life which means that a Citizens get about 800.00 a month with few benefits s the Immigrant get $1100.00 with lots the benefits .
      When John Tory was told that right after a Canadian needed crowd funding to get an Electric scooter when an Immigrant would get for free……he was shocked but then used his PC speak that it was the Law and we must accept it.
      BULL…he knows the votes there are by having more FREE stuff for immigrants and their grand parents the bring in.
      He made Toronto a sanctuary City this year and now we see how the Census show that over 50% are of non-canadian background while 51% claims to be non-white .

      Citizens living in Toronto are SUCKERS because the Property taxes pay for refugees which are a federal Policy cost , then we have the 300,000+ illegals entitled to welfare according to Joe Mehivic .
      About 22 years ago I predicted that Toronto would become like Detroit which got me laughs by Liberals claiming that it would never be like an American city.

      • Ottawa Eyes

        The most common countries of corrupt recipients I have been exposed to, where they go back to their homelands and have their Canadian benefits fowarded to are: Somalia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India.

  • John Boy

    I think the United Nations has already stated that it is a basic human right for any and all third worlders to fleece the taxpayers of Western Nations by any and all means.

  • Consider that there are people who think that Robert Latimer is a hero. Not a man forced into a terrible decision but an actual hero.

    I’d say disability groups have much bigger and more local concerns.

  • WalterBannon

    because Wynne’s OHIP death panels can not kill seniors fast enough, we should import more pressures on our health care system along with all the refugees with free extended benefits so that the government’s genocide against us can really justify kicking in to high gear