Back to work legislation in Ontario college strike expected to pass today

Ontario’s legislature is expected to pass a bill today that would force striking faculty at the province’s colleges to return to work.

The governing Liberals have made slow progress in pushing through their back-to-work bill because the New Democrats have refused to agree to speedy passage.

Fire every striking teacher and strip them of their teaching credentials.

  • Nothing better than to see the libs fighting the libs.

    Sort of like the Shia vs the Sunni.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Why have been in strike for a month? What’s the issue?

    • DMB

      They want more of their part time staff to become full time staff, more academic freedom and pay/benefits.

      • Hard Little Machine

        So the usual things that teachers go on strike for. Ok. Let it continue. Who cares either way. The world isn’t better or worse for it.

  • Spatchcocked

    What are the issues ?

    It’s top secret….hush hush…..need to know basis and etc.

    Just guessing I’d say the teachers want more money and less work…..and more perks pensions and free stuff…..

    But I’m only guessing because the MSM won’t inform us !!!!!!

    Now….why would that be ?

  • Watchman

    “Quick, back to work before they notice there is no difference between us being on strike and us not being on strike.”

  • John Boy

    Most of the time when they are being paid, they aren’t really working anyways.

  • Spatchcocked

    Somebody HAS to say it so I volunteer.

    What about the children ?!