Yawn. Even the TED Talks reveal sex harassment. Stretch. Snore…

From Elizabeth Dwoskin and Danielle Paquette at the Washington Post:

But behind the scenes, TED owner Chris Anderson and other senior officials had been grappling with accusations for much of the year that their own conferences, famed for turning short speeches by leading figures into viral videos, had not been a safe place for women — and that the atmosphere of predatory male behavior was getting worse. More.

Reality check: WAPO wants money to tell me the rest. But I don’t think TED talks can compete with Hollywood. They’ll be lucky to get by with a five-star snore from evolutionary psychology on how men “evolved to” behave like that.

Women used to “evolve to” whack men down when they behaved like that.

A long time ago. Before whining was considered popular entertainment and well compensated.

When will this moral panic subside? So we can get back to real issues about abuse of women?

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