The care and raising of baby fascists is best done by fascist profs

From Mike Adams at Townhall:

A professor hurled profanities about Trump and Pence in a classroom tirade. When a student countered that Pence is a “good man” he was told that he was mentally ill and needed to go to the counseling center to get “professional help” before returning to class. The accusation that the student suffered from mental illness was repeated in front of dozens of students.

It is unsurprising that students learn from their professors. Generally speaking, that is what they are there to do. So it comes as no surprise that the increase in uncivil classroom conduct by professors is being accompanied by an increase in uncivil conduct by students across our campus. Several members of the College Republicans (CR) group recently found that out when they decided to host a speech about free speech by the author of this column … More.

Reality check: Adams’ account of the event is worth reading but not surprising. Once the little dears graduate and get jobs in the government, they can Fix us all. Unless the system breaks down first.

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