Germany bans children’s smart watches with listening app

The Bundesnetzagentur, or Federal Network Agency, said in a statement issued Friday that watches that would allow parents to “listen unnoticed to a child’s environment” constitute an unauthorized transmitting system.

  • Brett_McS

    Don’t want parents finding out what their children are being taught in the schools, now, eh?

    • J. C.

      Or that their being diddled by Moes…

  • Gary

    So they fear the parents will hear the quran being taught or a guest Imam telling them how evil the jews are .
    The TDSB has the stance that teacher are co-parents during school hours or supervision. Oh wait , but not in 2007 when Jordan Manner was shot a killed in the hallway for C.W, Jeffreys high school or Jeremiah Perry from C.W.Jeffreys that drown this July on a TDSB sanctioned trip .
    Teachers are co-parents until they get your child killed. In 2007 the inquiry exposed how everyone used the Sgt. Schultz defence and pointed at everyone else that should have known Jordan was dealing drugs and tied to gangs.
    The TDSB was quick to comment on Jeremiah Perry as a tragic accident . But then the TDSB was tied to the death by its own Rules that were to protect them .
    The 15 year old black youth immigrant did not get the status of able to Swim , yet someone along the line pushed his paper work through , maybe out of fear to exclude a black immigrant student, as valid to be in the group going on the lake in a canoe.
    Now the TDSB refuses to comment but has circled the wagons to protect the Unionized teacher pre-election and justify their big raises they want by asking why the parents allow their child to go when they knew he couldn’t swim .

    Reminds me of the TTC death to a subway train operator that was cause by co-workers that didn’t obey the new rules brought in after the last subway death caused by employees that didn’t check the emergency Trip-switches for brakes if a train runs a Red Light. For almost 18 years the night crew never tested the safety switches because they testified they had no problems reported and feared management hounding them .
    Bob Kinnear was quick to blame management and was quoted in the Sun and news to make a threat of a strike for unsafe conditions. That was the morning of the crash with conflicting stories ….but Bob changed his position once he saw that other employee were complicit by neglect for safety protocols .
    The operator was crushed as his train hit a large metal cage that swung into its way . The co-workers saw him bleeding to death and ran to the nearest exit up to the street and waited for the TTC Trauma Employees to arrive as their co-worker DIED.
    Now it became a tragic accident that shouldn’t have happened. Nobody lost their job or was charged because McGuinty sent in the MOL for an investigation that dragged out just enough where Chief Blair saw the Time limit lapse while the final report claimed that there were traces of pot in the blood of the victim .
    The TTC was fined about $200,000.00 for unsafe work conditions where the money came from the same money McGunity funds the TTC with .

    A little girl doesn’t have Daddy coming home anymore and when she gets older she will read how he was a pot-head killed on the job by his own fault . Not the truth that co-workers created the conditions for her dad to get killed.
    Inquiries are often used to avoid a Courtroom to commit perjury and narrow the scope for evidence.
    Thus….he was crushed to death and had Pot traces in his blood and to hell with what happened before that for involuntary manslaughter by employees.
    McGunity take back $200,000.00 from the TCC……case closed .

    The OPP is now looking in to the Perry case drowning which means Wynne will control the outcome with he election coming up in June 2018 . In 2015 , the OPP got a 8.3% raise when McLiar told us there was a salary freeze pre-2014 election.
    The teachers are a big block of voters even in Germany….. if the TTC union employees get away with manslaughter in 2 cases and don’t lose their jobs…watch for the teachers to be cleared as the OPP blames a choppy lake and fellow students the failed to rescue him.

    If the TTC employee did cause his death from pot addiction …….why is Bob Kinnear still opposing drug testing for employees ? Does he want them dead too .

  • Hard Little Machine

    Until there’s some app that teaches the Koran then the state will force them on kids by the millions