Egypt: 1,000-strong Muslim mob attacks CHURCH forcing Christians to lock themselves inside

CHRISTIANS were forced to lock the doors of their church for their own safety as a furious mob launched an attack on the building as tensions continue to soar in Egypt.

More than 1,000 people gathered outside a recently-renovated Coptic church in Mina, Egypt, to intimidate and threaten those inside.

Police were called on October 26 and the doors of the Saint George Church, as well as the on-site children’s nursery, was bolted shut for defence.

Despite the aggression of the crowd, it was the Copts who were held responsible for the incident.

  • BillyHW

    Muslims are filthy savage animals and those that marry them deserve the death penalty. However, it would be better, if like Judas, they killed themselves first.

  • ontario john

    Well, I hope the Coptic churches don’t expect the Western liberal churches to help them. They are promoters of Islam, and only worry about homosexuals, global warming scams and whiny indians. Besides they don’t believe in God or the Bible anymore.

    • Watchman

      They will receive the help that Constantinople’s Christians received while they were under siege by islam for hundreds of years. /sarc

  • PaulW

    After enduring for centuries as dhimmis, could the final end of the Copts be approaching? No one appears willing or able to help them: not the Egyptian government, not the police, not Western nations.

  • Blacksmith

    Of course it was the fault of the Copts, pisslam is the religion of peace.

  • This is why Christians should arm themselves.