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Kathy Griffin Never Looked More Disgusting Than In This Video

She is a walking shop of horrors, this woman.

I’m not trying to be catty (ha ha ha ha ha ha of course I am) but you guys, there’s no way you’re watching her in this and not thinking to yourself, “HOLY MOTHER OF CRAP SHE LOOKS TERRIBLE). And if you say you’re not thinking that, you’re a big fat liar.

And the things she says in this clip, which by the way is from a European talk show, are beyond absurd. Trump stole the election through gerrymandering, you guys. Not sure if you were aware of that.

Canada making push to increase number of Chinese tourists, students

Canada is making efforts to massively increase numbers of Chinese tourists and students as the federal government presses forward its rapprochement with the world’s second-largest economy.

“Canada can easily double or triple or quadruple the numbers” of Chinese visitors, Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, said in an interview in Beijing Thursday.

And “we’ll do whatever we can” to increase the ranks of Chinese students, who already make up 32 per cent of the international cohort in Canadian schools, Mr. Hussen said.

Sorry, Ms. Khan, racism is not a one-way street

It is with a great deal of regret that I find myself writing this opinion piece.

However, I feel that I must say something in light of the racially charged events that have occurred at Dalhousie University over the last several months — in particular, the university’s decision to withdraw the complaint against Masuma Khan for her posts on “white fragility.”

In my opinion, this decision was nothing short of cowardice.

Masuma Khan’s response to a post by the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Youth was, in the simplest terms, racist.

Why Are Congress’s Harassment Settlements Secret?

The idea of settlements for congressional misconduct being paid secretly with taxpayer money in a republic is absurd. On what planet does a government that makes even a pretense of accountability allow the miscreants in its ranks to engage in malfeasance and stick the public with the bill without even admitting their misdeeds? If I have to pay for Congressman Lech’s grope habit, tell me what he’s up to so that I can vote him out next time. Harvey Weinstein at least had to notify the Weinstein Company when he reached a settlement with someone. Congress ostensibly works for us yet we have no idea what “our employees” are doing with our money to cover up their personal scumbaggery.

The Aga Khan Deserves The Nobel Peace Prize

Recently, there has been a distilled Canadian media narrative involving partisan politics when mentioning the Aga Khan. Lost in all the noise is his incredible humanitarian legacy, which is especially noteworthy given the occasion of his Diamond Jubilee. For the past 60 years, the Aga Khan has been a tireless champion of peace, diversity and pluralism. When we take into account the immense contributions of his international work, it is clear that he is one of the most deserving individuals of the Nobel Peace Prize.

  • ontario john

    And now the Saturday Toronto Star. Front page story is wait for it…..whiny indians need more money. This time for the upkeep of museums and cultural activities that no one is interested in. Heather Mallick reminds us that men are sexist pigs, and the scandals in America are really about that pervert Trump. But she knows that feminist Trudeau is the answer. Muslim interns at Toronto city hall is a wonderful idea, muslims are wonderful, the Liberal Party is wonderful.

  • xavier

    Kathy Griffen is ugly because deep down she’s an unlikable person who’s perpetually agree. She’s unmarried and no kids so she’s terrified that she’ll be forgotten. Hence this anti Trump crap.
    I don’t want Chinese students. They’re unmotivated rote learning brats whose parent give them everything.
    The kids have an outputting sense of entitlement and will suffer culture shock when someone bitchslap them for attempted bribery.
    Tourist are even worse buncha hicks

    • Exile1981

      The chinese government has been buying up Alberta oil companies with the feds permision. Also once they buy them they get permission to bring over people from china and the replace 20% or so of staff with chinese.

    • Trudeau is paying back his benefactors – the Islamists and Chinese businessmen.

  • moraywatson

    From the Khan article:

    ‘Racism is real’. Really? In what way is an ‘ism’ real?
    ‘Visible minority’. Why not just call Khan what she is, a hijabi wearing muslim. What does ‘visible’ and ‘minority’ add to the discussion, other than set up a Charter argument for membership in a ‘disadvantaged group’? Have you ever approached anyone in your daily life and opined “You are a member of a visible minority”?!

  • Watchman

    Of course the Aga Khan deserves a Nobel Peace Prize, after all he hosted Justin Trudeau at his private island, obvious helping Justin prevent WW3 from starting. /sarc

    I have no confidence that the Nobel Peace Prize is actually awarded for anything other than a leftist virtue signal. Barack Obama being awarded one for his ten days in office as POTUS says it all, and there was not a single day during Obamas 8 years that the US was not fighting a war.

  • BillyHW

    When are we going to stop selling out our kids?

    • shasta

      There has been a change of thinking, whereas earlier generations would make sacrifices for their offspring, nowadays people are more inclined to sacrifice their children in the vain hope of a few more comfortable years.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I like watching Kathy Griffin because every day brings the possibility she’ll go completely insane and commit some violent act in public.

    • shasta

      “the possibility she’ll go completely insane”

      You must be very young, or you completely missed it a couple of decades ago.

  • Old Guy

    Re: Canada making push to increase number of Chinese tourists, students

    One need only understand that the biggest benefactor of this policy are Canadian universities. Foreign students enrolled in Canadian universities have reached the largest numbers ever. It is one of the driving forces behind the rise in the rising cost of higher education.

    Further, the infrastructure costs of expanding and increasing the size and number of university classrooms plus the infrastructure cost of building new housing for foreign students, and the infrastucture cost of adding more public transportation for foreign students to get to and from their classes is being born by the Canadian taxpayer.

    In London Ontario, the home to the Western University and Fanshawe College the great debate today is about whether the City of London should partner with the Liberal Wynne Government and the Liberal Trudeau Government to build a Bus Rapid Transit Sysytem at a cost likely to exceed $500 million so that Western students can get downtown 5 minutes faster than they can now.

    When will people finally wake up? When will they throw the vote buying, debt and deficit accumulating Liberals out of office, not just federally, not just provincially and not just municipally but in every corner of government everywhere?

  • kkruger71

    Holy hell what a difference a haircut can make. Not that she was attractive before but man, hair salons everywhere should be using before and after pictures of her with the caption “This is why you pay good money for a stylist’.