But sluts/not sluts isn’t the point!

From Christine Rousselle at Townhall:

On Thursday, radio anchor Leeann Tweeden came forward and claimed that Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) forcibly kissed her and groped her while she was asleep during a USO Tour in the Middle East in 2006. While most sane people were utterly disgusted by these allegations (which had photographic evidence to boot), some on the left took a slightly more problematic approach: Hey, did you know that Tweeden posed nude in magazines, likes guns, and is a conservative?

First of all, who cares? It doesn’t matter whether Tweeden modeled for Playboy or modeled in a full burka for a different magazine. She has the right to make that choice, and she exercised her agency in making that choice. Posing nude is not an invitation for people to make their way with someone without their consent. She did not want to be kissed by Franken, and she was asleep when he was photographed groping her breasts. She had no choice in the matter. More.

Reality check: Excuse me, but I think Tweeden’s assignment choices are highly relevant.

I am not questioning Tweeden’s right to sell whatever she wants. I am saying that if she is indeed selling that kind of thing, she is part of the same industry as Al Franken.

She is not, say, a night nurse in an ER, tending to banged-up low-lifes.

I am sick and tired of endless faux reruns of the Perils of Pauline. Any woman who goes into the entertainment business today will, of course be asked to market sex. Absent legal considerations, it’s a business transaction what she will do, with whom, to whom, and under what circumstances.

If women in entertainment don’t like that, they could try taking stand for old-fashioned morality.

Hey, don’t let the cobwebs strangle you while you are waiting…

I hope the moral panic ends some time soon so we can focus on the problems of women who, like the ER night nurse, genuinely have no reason to expect or put up with lewd behaviour of any kind.

Hospitals are not, after all, marketing lewd behaviour the way the entertainment industry does.

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  • WalterBannon

    Rousselle is right. O’Leary is wrong.

    Even if Tweeden was a hooker, that does not change the nature of Franken’s actions or give him any sort of implied permission.

    Being a hooker means you will be party to un-moderated crude discussions in your presence and not be treated by many like a “lady”. It does not mean you deserve to be assaulted or raped even if your job places you at higher risk for this. And Tweeden is not even a hooker.

    It is not a moral panic for people to raise situations in which they were assaulted.

    But it does lack courage to defer your accusations for decades, long after any immediate trauma or physical threat may remain forceful.

    I have no clue who she is but based on what is alleged here Tweeden is not part of the same industry as Al Franken, no matter what she is selling. Same applies to the Hollywood liberal actresses who are crying rape. They may be whores, they do lack courage, they are certainly hypocrites, and they are even foolish advocates of the same political agenda as Franken, but they are not the same. He is a felon who committed assault. That is a different level altogether. He is on par with violent Antifa protesters, fellow criminals.

    • Walter Bannon, I don’t think the entrtainment business is what you think it is. I agree he did wrong. But the nature of the wrong is a business issue at this point, given the industry and the culture the industry markets to.

      • WalterBannon

        The nature of the entertainment business is irrelevant and immaterial to the quest at hand.

        And that question is what is the nature of crime and our moral standards as a society.

        A crime is a crime regardless of who is the victim. That is a longstanding western legal principal. It does not matter if you are a king, or a pauper, a pope or a prostitute, all are to be treated equal under the law. That principal is as important as any family value, any right, and all such things which define our culture that the left seeks to destroy.

        The nature of his wrong is not a business issue. It is moral absolute. It is a wrong. It is no different than if you were discussing a case in which a person contracted to be a slave to another. You can not make a crime legal by putting it in a contract, so even less so in this case where the crime is merely a cultural aspect of the industry.

        I trust that you will re-evaluate your position, and perhaps as a Christian even ask what would Jesus say? Would he say the prostitute is less deserving of justice because of the nature of her business?

        • Jesus might advise her not to be in a business that markets sex. If she is, the question is a matter of price.

          • WalterBannon

            I am saddened that you do not see my point or understand the message Jesus would have.

      • andycanuck

        This thread shows what’s different here contrasted with with the Weinstein sort of late charges…


        PS… on a tablet so it’s a pain to reply (if required) until later tonight. Cheers, Denyse.

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  • Gary

    Franken supporters are making excuses that she had a flak jacket and he didn’t touch her breasts. It’s not a crime to touch a vest .

    I want to know who took the picture and why is Big Al hanging around people that didn’t stop him because both thought this was good idea.