At American Thinker: Sex uproar a psychodrama that forces Clinton exit? Mmmm… yes.

We kind of thought so too. From Stephen McGhee:

The media’s confession is phony. But it is also brilliant. By finally condemning Bill Clinton for his mistreatment of women, the press is gently, but firmly, escorting him from the public stage. The American left wants to face forward, and there’s no place in its future for the Clintons. Seen in this light, the media’s re-evaluation of Bill is of a piece with Donna Brazile’s takedown of Hillary. It is time for the Clintons to retire. And since they no longer control the levers that might extend their tenure and punish their enemies, the Clintons are finding that their friends are of the fair weather variety.

Reality check: Folks, I am not saying it is a conspiracy. It is a well-managed opportunity. Sex panics can happen at any time. We should be glad it isn’t something about shrinking penises; that’d be even crazier.

To ease the Clintons into history, the Dems need a huge noise around sex abuse that does not force Hill to defend Bill against his accusers once again, pitilessly, the way she did in the past. Talk about a party meltdown… Conveniently the sex abuse volcano exploded this year, providing just the kabuki theatre needed.

So no, Dems aren’t conspiring about it; they simply sense it and are moving in directions that seem hopeful for them. Naturally, their real target is Trump. Any bets, readers, on how that’ll go?

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But sluts/not sluts isn’t the point!