A to Z of politically correct madness: The Left’s ‘Thought Police’ continues to censor language as ‘manfully’ is labelled sexist

Every day, it seems, someone else falls foul of the New Censors. They are accused of either offending the diktats of political correctness or are deemed guilty of so-called cultural appropriation (the act of using things from another culture).

The latest example this week was a ‘sin’ committed against the all-pervasive modern creed behind ‘gender politics’, which dictates that anyone who uses language deemed ‘sexist’ must be punished and forced to apologise.

  • Alain

    This only works because the masses are so docile that they go along with it. If the majority ceased equating gender to sex that would be a start.

  • David Murrell

    One issue, that hasn’t been advanced by feminist activists as yet, is that many people have last names ending in “man” — r.g. “Stoneman”, “Freeman”, “Haldeman” and so forth. Clearly these last names advance male patriarchal structures, such that the problem ought to be looked into.

  • huron

    as my vet neibour says. screw you man!

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    Every time such stories are printed in the Daily Mail the leading comment always seems to be some version of “political correctness gone mad” as if there were ever a sane variant of PC.
    No, this is not madness at all, this is the introductory chapter in the rule book of cold blooded mass murder in the furtherance of an abstract political aim.
    These people will put real bodies in the ground in the pursuit of being consistent with a political abstraction, and those real bodies will be yours, your neighbors, and your children and loved ones.
    This is no different than the language used by the Nazis in describing Jews as subhumans or the Soviets used when pursuing class struggle against the “kulaks” in the Ukraine.
    These people hate you and want you dead, and their first step is taking away your means of resistance.