Why Is the Former East Germany Tilting Populist?

Something has changed in Germany. A country that until recently was crowned the most popular in the world in various surveys has become consumed by self-doubt and mired in a quest for identity. The rapid rise of the AfD has rocked the nation, including in the states of what was once West Germany and where the AfD are now represented in all state legislatures. Mainly, however, it has been the case in the states of the former East, where the AfD is now the second more powerful party. In Saxony, it’s the strongest.

  • k2

    Why are East Germans increasingly supporting AfD? Call them racists or xenophobes, Der Spiegel, all you want – it’s irrelevant. Those people want to support the AfD and they want an end to mass muslim immigration, and they want to preserve their German language and culture. What a radical concept.

    • Dave

      Too bad, as trudope says, canaduh has no culture, so it looks like we won’t be getting an AfD (or equivalent) anytime soon.

  • Hard Little Machine

    For the same reason that all the angry metal Krautrock is from East Germany.

  • Thomas Henderson

    Why is the former East Germany tilting populist?

    Perhaps because they experienced a globalist ideology for forty-four years (1945-1989) and don’t want to go back.

    Unless your name is Angela Merkel.

    • UCSPanther

      Fifty years under the yoke of the GDR and its Stasi snoops would make just about anyone anti-communist…