This Is What Anguish Looks Like: Victims of Black-on-White Violence

Let’s start with some backstory in Chicago. During last year’s election for the Chicago version of district attorney, Kim Foxx was not hiding anything. With loads of cash from George Soros and lots of support from Black Lives Matter, she bragged about how, under her watch, she was going to stop over-policing, halt mass incarceration, and begin a new era of arresting fewer black people in Chicago.

Because everyone knows that cops are always picking on black people for no reason whatsoever.

  • Reader
  • Del Evans

    it really is hard for me to care about, want to have my children play with, hire, associate with a group of people who calls me racist simply because of the colour of my skin.

    • PaulW

      You’ll care when they’re the majority in your area.

      • Del Evans

        They already are. Scarborough Ontario.

    • Jerry Jansen

      Wait until the Muslims are the majority, then you’ll really have something to worry about. And it looks like your guy Justin is just the man to make it happen.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Not my problem. Let Chicago be Chicago. Either they all love it or the people who don’t are insulated from it by money and privilege. Let it burn, let it be District 9, let it be Yemen.