Quebec Judge Hears Bill 62 Arguments


Let the battle begin!:

A Quebec Superior Court justice promised on Friday to deliver a ruling as soon as possible regarding a request for a temporary suspension of Quebec’s controversial face-covering law.

Justice Babak Barin heard arguments on a challenge of the legislation, known as Bill 62, which forces people to remove face coverings when receiving or giving a public service.

Marie-Michelle Lacoste, a Quebec woman who wears the veil, as well as the National Council of Canadian Muslims and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association launched the challenge last week.

Lawyer Catherine McKenzie asked the court for a temporary suspension of the section of the law that forces public sector employees and private citizens to have their face uncovered when giving or receiving public services.

McKenzie argued the article in question violates the right to equality and freedom of religion, which are guaranteed by the Quebec and Canadian charters, and should be declared invalid.

She said the matter is urgent, given the significant impact on Muslim women who wear the veil on a daily basis.

McKenzie added the damages to those women would be irreparable.

  • simus1

    “Freedom of religion” is a very odd position to start off from when the primitive custom predates islam in arabia and has never been considered essential elsewhere in the muslim world for many centuries prior to recent agitation by extremists. Polynesian men and women immigrating to Canada would have a much better case insisting that they should be allowed to wear grass skirts as municipal bus drivers and ordinary government drones.

    • Watchman

      The problem is that Western governments wisely shy away from adjudicating in theological issues. This allows them to avoid saying, “This is true Catholicism and that is not true Catholicism”.

      Since the adherents and apologists say there is no one islam, and there is multiple versions and variations of islam, then a court is going to rightly ignore the claim that ‘true’ islam doesn’t require women’s purdah, the hiding of women from non-family men. To do so would be to legally define a whole religion. Thus saying that islamic countries (like Morocco) that ban burkas or the niqab prove that it is not a requirement of islam is useless, since the argument will be that these laws are against islam or that the version of islam in these countries is slightly different to the versions practiced in Canada.

      Thus any laws will, by necessity, have to be phrased in religion-neutral terms and to survive be rational and defensible on non-religious grounds like security and crime prevention.

    • Will Quest

      This izzlamic face-mask controversy nipping at western ankles is an intentional controversy, it is a politicized and it is a weaponized agitation infesting our socio-political sphere .
      A cudgel for a supremacist, totalitarian ideology wanting to imposing it’s will on western society.
      The West must blindly submit to all fetishes rendered sacrosanct by Islam. This is how sharia imposes it’s dogma on non-believers, drip by drip by drip by drip by drip by drip ……….

  • Alain

    This will be interesting since the judge’s name is not Canadian and in fact sounds like a Muslim. The government needs to challenge the opposition to the law to prove where this is a religious requirement. As wicked and bad as Islam is it still does not mandate the veil.

    • Dave

      ” Babak is fluent in English, French and Farsi,”. Explains everything.
      Found this from wcart, a wordpress pdf.

      • Alain

        I rest my case.

      • Gary

        Ontario’s Attorney General is a devout pro-sharia muslim and I will NEVER believe that deep down inside he wants to obey Canada’s laws and reject all sharia and the hate verses in the quran.
        It now makes sense for why Wynne used the Orlando Vigil to talk about islamophobia 7 times as she shared the stage with a well know jew-hating gay imam ( he fled to canada as a refugee from islams homophobia and now he promotes islam) .

        We’re being played for Suckers and it seems like gay muslims are being sent here in exchange for not being killed over there .
        I saw a short clip from the PRIDE parade in Toronto and gay
        muslims marched why flying the Flags of the nations they fled that are still murdering gays. They are loyal to islam at the core and the ones I’m see are doing dawah .

        • Watchman

          Fake news: “I was being persecuted in XXX-istan for being a homosexual and in fear of my life and needed refuge in Canada. Since being granted refuge, I have since recovered from homosexuality and now am applying to have my four wives and 12 children join me.”

          • Gary

            Canada saw how women were coming here to make a refugee claim and feared being killed by their husband back home where the Police and Courts didn’t protect her.
            Once they got the “refugee” status they are allowed to travel back to their homeland in about 9 months when their Passport is issued . Well surprise surprise….these same abused women were now sponsoring their spouse to get landed immigrant status and then Family Reunification Citizenship.

            There’s also an HST scam that the Media and Liberal don’t want taxpayer to know about it. There is also a reason why Immigrants DON’T want our Citizenship and it’s tied to the the Ontario Disability support that pays twice what welfare does. Citizens get cut off at 65 to be forced on CPP and OAS with NO extended Benefits….non-citizens continue getting almost $1200.00 Tax-Free until they Die on top of Dental coverage and FREE electric scooters and generous Drug coverage plus Legal AID.
            The Immigration Lawyers and pro-refugee , plus the NDP, know about these scams and this also explains why Toronto’s illegals are now over 300,000 and growing while John Tory made it a Sanctuary City .

          • Watchman

            If I had any sock-puppets I’d give you more ^s.

    • Old Guy

      If asked to guess the outcome of this court case is there anyone who believes that when the case is finally decided by the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) that the court will uphold Bill 62 and ban face coverings? I thought not.

      The country’s “elected status elite” have already decided the matter.

      The SCC will simply formalize and codify the decision. The question then becomes will the Government of Quebec use the notwithstanding clause to override the court’s decision.

      IMHO Conrad Black wrote an accurate description of where we Canadians are as a country in a recent article published in the National Post. The quote below is from that article.

      “The country is at a turning point now, between a humane, planned drive for greater competitiveness and prosperity for the pursuit of a higher and fairer quality of life in this very rich country of exceptional achievement, or a politically correct, high-tax, highly regulated, government-heavy, benefit-addicted state effectively governed by the high courts, and a ring of judges swaddling themselves in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and reinterpreting legislation to accomplish public policy goals defined by the elected statist elite</I..”

      Canada must address our bad education system and overreaching courts
      Conrad Black, The National Post, 2017/11/10

  • Dave

    “McKenzie added the damages to those women would be irreparable” OMG, the drama! Hilarious, but I’ll wager the ban gets tossed. Can’t offend “them”.

    • Watchman

      The old allegation of, “We wear the niqab and burka because we didn’t want to participate in Canadian society and culture, and if this Bill 62 is not overturned we won’t be allowed to participate in Canadian society and culture unless we change.”

      • Will Quest

        Love that canard, & it’s time to butcher it { halal} , pluck it, eviscerate it and fricassee that canard …..

    • Will Quest

      You seriously couldn’t be more damaged than a masked female ……

  • Gary

    Are Judges that stupid that not one has demanded to see the Verse in the Quran that orders every muslima to where the Niqab .

    The Charter was not meant to protect a Death-Cult that wants us DEAD.

    • Alain

      Either stupid or agenda-driven, but the answer is still affirmative.

  • Shebel

    Justin got a majority in the election because the NDP supported Muslims being able to wear a MASK when swearing to Respect Canada as new Citizens.
    Quebecors reacted and a Traitor got a Majority.
    TIME to be PROUD! —-Quebec.
    Don’t give a fucking inch.