Christian charity removes Bible from simplified Nativity story to avoid confusing children who don’t go to church

The Scripture Union slimmed down its annual book telling the Christmas story, which it aims to send out to 100,000 children, because it said many of them did not know the basics.

Easy to read between the lines here.


  • Lightstream

    This is what the Scripture Union headline on their homepage says:
    ‘The mission that hasn’t changed since 1867’.

    How ironic. It sure has now. Christians are hated and if you’re white and Christian, you’ve had it. I guess I’m toast.
    I’m so sick of stupid, I can’t stand it.

    • Watchman

      The concept of Original Sin has been harnessed by Progressives, SJWs, and politicians to create and reinforce a sense of obligation to atone for previous sins; sins not of the person but by persons long dead and far away. The Guilt culture of the West is used to extract more money and resources from people and tries to prevent them from saying I am not responsible for that, I am only responsible for my own actions. Many other cultures in the world, like islamic ones, operate on a Shame culture, so telling them that their ancestors were instrumental in enabling the slave trade is completely useless in trying to extract money and resources to atone for their ancestor’s actions as they feel no guilt for these actions.

      • Shebel

        Strange how our fucked up Society expects WHITE folk to ATONE for the presumable ‘Sins of our Ancestors’.
        While ALL the rest of you Sons of Bitches are running around like little victimized doggies as you RANT on about the” GLORY of Your ANCESTORS “.
        Tell me—What did your Ancestors do to achieve GLORY?

  • Watchman

    Many well-established Churches have been steadily changing from teaching and supporting Christianity, to becoming Progressive, SJW social clubs. This sort of thing is the result.

    • Shebel

      I would like my kids to get a little Religion—
      But how can they–
      My Church— is more about community and love and giving.
      —- sometimes they chastise us because most people don’t go any more.
      My kids don’t go because the Preachers don’t Deliver any Message.
      and the Gov’t is doing its best to humiliate Christians.
      I have no clue as to where all this is fucking leading.

      All I know is that it is BAD.

  • Shebel

    Face facts—Pedophiles are in—
    —Violence is the WAY.
    Peace and Love–is for Pussies and Christians.
    Just ask Justin.

  • This:

    Screw you, illiterate heathens!

  • simus1

    Western Judeo Christian civilization started wrecking bigtime from the start of WW1 but the signs were hard to see. Much like the way bankruptcy starts out.