At The Hill: Do Trump’s critics seem increasingly unhinged?

From James Bovard at The Hill:

Anti-Trump fervor is making liberals far more illiberal. Commentators in The Washington Post and The New York Times have called for selective censorship of ideas and doctrines they abhor. A recent Washington Post article touted 38 fixes for democracy including mandating three years of compulsory labor for young people in the military of AmeriCorps-like programs, outlawing private education, punitively punishing gun owners and vastly increasing redistribution to end racial inequities.

Thanks to Trump’s firing of former FBI Director James Comey, Democrats are exalting the FBI as if J. Edgar Hoover and COINTELPRO never existed. Political mob violence by antifa against conservatives was vindicated in The Washington Post and cheered by prominent Democrats as the moral equivalent of the American soldiers who stormed Normandy beaches in 1944. More.

Reality check: They’re not more unhinged. In the past, carrying on this way when something upset them was Cool and it was dumbly accepted by non-Cools. But today’s non-Cools don’t see anything in it for them. The SJWs can be fashionably unemployed and deep in debt but the young working class stiff is just unemployed and deep in debt…

And the media elite cannot afford to know that that is really why Trump won. It signals the Twilight of the Gods and they’re the Gods. Even they sense that if they got rid of Trump, they would still face the main problem.

Hysteria makes more sense for them now than clear thinking. One question is, how long will their hysteria remain Cool?

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