Al Franken faces life as collateral damage

Is Thomas Lipson just a conspirazoid when he writes at American Thinker:

That sinking feeling Al Franken is experiencing is the realization that his career is now a pawn in the fanatical efforts of Democrats to get President Trump out of office. The Democrats would not lose his seat, since Minnesota’s Governor Mark Dayton can be expected to appoint a Democrat to serve out his term. Franken is not well liked for reasons that should be self-evident: he is as big a jerk in regular life, as the infamous picture of him and Ms. Tweeden on the C17 would seem to indicate.

The logical steps for getting Trump are clear. More.

Reality check: But what if the public tires after the 1,037th episode of Bin of Sin and the psych ops haven’t yet got to Trump? Might want to think that one out.

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