Al Franken and Roy Moore: Can we get back to reality some time soon?

Our Minnesota-based American friend was shedding crocodile tears for Al Franken, caught up in the moral panic around groping in power industries like politics, media, and entertainment, alongside Roy Moore.

Well, at least we are not flogging or stoning anyone, right? But could we have a… reality check?: Just some questions:

If all those top dogs were groping, mustn’t most of the women have known the price involved in accepting personal advancement from them via jobs, publicity, etc.? And they didn’t band together to say something before because…. ? Oh yeah, we were told they were afraid.

Why aren’t they afraid now?

Children are, of course, a different matter but then the children in these true-life tales are comparatively few. No surprise there. A Top Guy usually tries to avoid obvious sources of career ruin and jail.

The children and young teens are the sparks for explosive coverage. But they also have another use: They prevent many of us from asking sobering questions like why has everyday Hollywood and politics now morphed into a yuge moral panic?

Maybe it’s a sudden attack of virtue. But probably it’s a sudden attack of something more crass. How about: Those Top Guys are no longer as able to hand out the rewards as they used to. Hollywood and major media are declining and major political parties can’t field candidates the brass want to get behind. Sacrificing some useless old goats on the altar of Virtue might be timely.

Our American friend mentioned that conspirazoids think that the Dems are cleaning house before attempting to take down Trump on sex charges. That’s not impossible because Trump’s name keeps coming up in some of these stories again and again even when he obviously had nothing to do with the incidents in question—and no one pretends he did.

If the Dems are willing to sacrifice so many boffins to bring down Trump on the very sort of charges that did not bring down Bill Clinton, they must now be pretty desperate. Or do they know something I don’t?

Question: What if the Dems had a strong candidate for 2020? Would this circus still seem as valuable a use of their time as building the new Big Entity’s persona?

The skinny: Relationships between very powerful men and attractive women are usually transactional in a comparatively uncomplicated way. That is, one rarely need ask, what do they see in each other?

Of course what those guys did, if guilty as charged, is wrong. But, let’s face it, if a woman is willing to accept a film role, a book contract, or campaign position, instead of just telling the guy to beat it or she is calling the cops… is most of this really the high moral drama it is made out to be? Isn’t it just business opportunities realigning themselves during an industry reboot?

The moral panic seems so blatantly insincere. Are the panicked fooling themselves more than anyone? Reader thoughts?

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