Welcome Home Jihadis!

The UK has launched an integration program, Operation Constrain, for its homecoming jihadis to provide them with assistance in finding a job and living a “normal” life.

Such theatrics, however, are not expected to deter determined terrorists, unless the authorities are equally determined with brutal honesty to see what is being said extremist mosques and seminaries and know their sources of funding.

  • Reader

    Time for a musical interlude.

  • deplorabledave

    Insanity hardly begins to describe this. Murderous psychopaths are to be catered to in the delusional hope that they won’t rape, mutilate, disembowel, saw heads off. These are the same people who disparage President Trump for his common sense approach.

    • marty_p

      Justin thinks a Free Canada Goose jacket, welfare and Child Benefits are a sufficient bribe for Mo the Jihadi to behave

    • Watchman

      Winston Churchill, never a fan of Islam after coming into contact with it has this to say about these sort of people assisting returning ISIS militants: the Appeasers, “Each one hopes that if he feeds the crocodile enough, the crocodile will eat him last.” (January 20, 1940)

  • Hard Little Machine

    Not letting them come back wasn’t an option? I mean in paperwork addicted Britain, they DO know who they are, yes?

    • Watchman

      A Western country cannot prevent citizens returning to the land of citizenship; one more weakness of our soft society.

      • Alain

        Indeed, because how many times do we see other countries refusing to take back their own citizens.

  • Watchman

    Be a British Jihadi: go off to exotic lands, kill kuffar, return home and get given jobs and houses, and still be allowed to hate infidels without renouncing these views.
    Be a British Christian: pay taxes to give Jihadis jobs and houses.