Twitter Cracks Down On Conservative Personalities

Twitter has begun “un-personing” users who violate its new Terms of Service. A wave of deverifications and suspensions hit over a dozen popular conservatives whose views are inconsistent with the platform’s political leanings.

  • Thomas Henderson

    The right is a significant threat to the oligarch’s global agenda. The left, through its emphasize on ever increasing social fragmentation, aids big government and big corporations in their invade/invite-the-world Weltanschauung.

    The depraved among us can spread their depravity. Dissent must be silenced.

  • Alain

    Again why is the Trump administration not declaring these internet monopolies utilities.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      The attorney general of Missouri is planning to sue Google over antitrust violations.

      • Alain

        At least that would be a start if it does not remain in the planning stage.

  • Surele Surele

    From the comments:

    It’s almost like Twitter wants to encourage another competitor to take half the market.

  • K1

    Didn’t the Saudi’s take ownership of Twitter?
    I seem to remember something a few years back about that…
    ,,,,no Tommy Robinson etc=makes sense from a Saudi perspective