Toronto child poverty divided along racial lines

“In a city whose motto is ‘Diversity Our Strength,’ we must ask ourselves whether we are supporting this diversity if we are allowing children who are racialized, Indigenous, and newcomers to live with rates of poverty that are several times higher than other children experience,” the report says.

Perhaps they should consider if they can afford to have another child, eh?

  • Brett_McS


    • Dave

      just below the chin?

  • Bataviawillem

    I guess there is a bit of a flaw in that “skilled” worker program.
    My suggestion is to change that in a marketable skills program.

    • Mickey Oberman

      Payable by whom???

  • ontario john

    Yes, over 770 vets are homeless but the Star is more worried about muslim parasites. But then the homeless vets are probably not feminists. Super Socks made it quite clear yesterday that only female soldiers are important.

  • Ho Hum

    According to the article the families profiled are professionals (Drs., engineers etc) from Bangladesh who are “struggling to survive in Toronto”. If it is such a “struggle” for them in Toronto why don’t they move back to Bangladesh? We don’t need them here and if they are in fact accomplished professionals maybe they should move back to Bangladesh where they can do some good.

    • marty_p

      The standards for some professions are somewhat different in the Third World. Indian universities pump out thousands of engineers every year and most end up working in call centres.

    • Ed

      If they were the professionals they claim “back home,” they would have access to the internet. There, they would have easily discovered that their credentials wouldn’t be accepted at par, and that they’d have to go through extensive validation before working. But they came anyway. And the Star thinks we should do what? Just give them money?

      • Editor

        You’re advocating for new Canadians to have agency and show personal responsibility. That’s probably racist.

        • Mickey Oberman

          It is not racist.
          Canada was built by just juch immigrants who expected nothing and received nothing.
          They worked hard, educated themselves and /or their children and built this nation.
          Now that converted Muslim, Trudeau who really doesn’t know what work means, wants to destroy it all.

          • Editor

            I agree. My comment was an, apparently failed, attempt at sarcasm.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      Maybe they don’t want to work; just live off the Kuffar.

  • Starlord

    Don’t live in Toronto then and commute.

    It’s not about race/ colour go back 30 yrs do the same report and insert a few EU country names. Generally the first wave struggle,…

    But they didn’t whine. Ask for handouts … the ducked it up and worked harder.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      My grandfather didn’t bitch and moan, as an Irish Catholic, he didn’t ask for anybody’s help, in 1912 you wouldn’t get it . He rolled up his sleeves and made it. The present are fakes and leeches.

  • ontario john


  • Liberal Progressive

    The obvious Liberal solution to this problem is to substantially raise all taxes specifically on Caucasians Canadian citizens.

    • Yo Mama

      Sure. Raise the taxes until Canadians are worse off than the freeloading refugees and immigrants who get everything for free at the expense of working Canadians.

    • Mickey Oberman

      “Liberal Progressive”
      A typical Liberal.
      A racist at heart.

  • simus1

    I once lived in a place where bus fare was equivalent to the value of half a Canadian cent and all passengers including child passengers had to be wearing at a minimum, one very cheap canvas shoe to be allowed on. These Star morons have no concept of real physical poverty or even an understanding of the intense spiritual poverty in which they immerse themselves all their lives.

    • Liberal Progressive

      But these refugees don’t have houses.

      Shouldn’t Canada buy them condos and houses like the Swedish government does?

      • simus1

        If the TO housing bubble shows signs of collapse, the banks will no doubt order their pet vote whores at all levels of government to implement something similar.

        • Ottawa Eyes

          The Chretien government paid 50% over the going rate to rent condos on Dixon Road in Toronto for Somali refugees.

          The Somalis then demanded seats on the condo boards even though the government was paying their rent and they were not owners of the units. They even got an unofficial mosque in the basement of one of the buildings. Property values dived and somehow many of these “destitute” refugees bought condo units for cheap from the seniors they drove out.

          Also a few unscrupulous landlords illegally evicted Canadian tenants, particularly seniors, knowing they could get 50% more from Citizenship and Immigration Canada to house a Somali “refugee” causing more homelessness among Canadians.

          The north side of Dixon Road in this area is now called by the locals, Little Mogadishu, so to at least rent the new “refugees” condo units while Canadians are sleeping in shelters or on the streets, is not that far fetched of a concern considering the past history of the Liberal Party.

          • Yo Mama

            Don dis da Somalis. Dey buys de condos from workin hard selling drugs an pimpin da kafir girls!

      • Mickey Oberman

        “But these refugees don’t have houses.”

        Neither do most Canadians.

  • Observer
  • Reader

    It’s time for a musical distraction.

  • Mickey Oberman

    We do not wish to tolerate such below standard living.
    But thanks to the mindless, idiotic generosity of our “celebrity” Prime Minister Trudeau, we Torontonians can not afford to support all the swarms of ignorant immigrants whom he invites to be our guests in perpetuity.
    He should be putting strong pressure on the enormously wealthy OPEC states to take care of their own people – their fellow Muslims. But they will not spend one oily penny on them. They are the advanced battalions who will, when their numbers grow strong enough, be the vanguards of the Islamic takeover of our cherished democracy.
    Just see what is happening to the EU and other generous, mindless, open hearted vanishing states.

  • Gary

    It doesn’t help when you parachute into a City from some islamic hell-hole with no English skills or employable skills.
    The same NDP that cried racism over the muslim taxi drivers that have Phd’s but can’t get jobs…we the same NDP during the UBER debate that claims UBER would hurt the taxi drivers that will lose the jobs and have no skills to get any other work.

    When you pay the Consultant Company $60,000.00 for a study to prove your claims….don’t be shocked when the Report tells you exactly what you wanted to hear and prove.

    Every time we hear a Toronto Councillor justify funding for a Street festival in their Ward, it’s always boasted as bring in $150 million in tourism . But every street festival and event must use the same Consultant that just dusts of their report and changes the Cover Page title to the group paying for it.
    Toronto’s debt is racing towards $6 billion while Tory wants Wynne to bail him out but Wynne want Justin to bail her out.