The Latest: UK, Canada launch alliance to phase out coal

The Global Alliance to Power Past Coal is being unveiled Thursday at an international climate meeting in Bonn, Germany.

  • Dana Garcia

    If the purpose is to reduce climate changey pollution, it’s a total waste of time because Red China continues to build coal-fired power plants like gangbusters.

    • Bla Bla

      Red china is behind the whole globalist/environmentalist movement. A week or two ago, president Xi was quoted as saying that globalism is irreversible. What a better way to decimate your enemies than to send them off to chase their tails while china modernizes and prepares for world domination. Works better than nuking a place as you can take it over for your own after the fact.

  • Ed

    An “alliance.”

    Ohhhh there’s a liberal action word!

  • canminuteman

    Burning coal is absolutely filthy. But it isn’t CO2 that’s the problem. It’s all the other impurities in coal that go into the air and the ocean. There are high levels of mercury in the ocean and the assumption that it came from coal. This is what the anti coal people should be concerned about. The CO2 that is in coal came out of the air in the first place when the plant matter that became coal was still growing. There are technological ways of dealing with the other crap in coal. I think the best one is to make it into gas before burning it then scrubbing the exhaust. Of course things like this don’t get talked about because people are concerned about the totally innocuous CO2.

    • shasta

      Time to return to coal for home heating?

      • canminuteman

        When I lived in England on an army posting I heated my house with coal. It was a coal fueled hot water system. Talk about primitive. If you drove in the country in the winter every time you went into a valley with a village in it you could smell the stench of coal fumes and feel the stinging in your eyes. I can’t imagine what it was like before WW11 when even people in cities burnt coal for heat.

        • shasta

          The house I was raised in (my grandmother’s house) was heated by convection coal heat, a coal stove in the dining room with piping to the bedrooms. There was also a coal cooking stove in the kitchen. I don’t think it had been changed since the place was built probably around the 1870’s. It was the same house she grew up in and my great grandfather lived in. I don’t remember the air being bad, but perhaps it was. I know that nothing changed until after she died in the early 1960’s, and the place was torn down for development. I had been moved out and into my parents house around 1960 or 61. This was in Niagara.

          • canminuteman

            My house in a mid sized city on southern Ontario was built in the ’20’s. It is heated with forced air gas now, but when it was built it was heated with coal. There is a coal bunker in the basement that we use as a pantry now. My neighbour has lived in his house for sixty years and told me this. He converted from coal to oil before we had gas in the neighbourhood, and he is still using oil.

            Whatever coal system they had must have had some kind of blower because my ducts are cavities in the walls, and I am pretty sure that it has always been like that. I have done renovation work on old buildings in Toronto that still had pipping in the walls to feed gas lighting. I am pretty sure that the gas was produced from coal at the local “gas works”.

    • Alain

      With modern technology burning coal is not filfthy. Technology makes all the difference between then and now.

  • Reader

    I’m just waiting to see if we have a nice cold winter here in Canada this year with the help of La Niña.

    • Observer

      A little Ice Age would be nice right about now.

      I wonder how the “refugees” would like those winters?

  • andycanuck

    While I don’t agree with it at least it’s better than Germany’s hypocrisy of closing her nukes and ramping up the use of ‘dirty’ brown coal to fuel the New Islamic Reich.

  • Killer Marmot

    Even if we accept the most alarmist of global warming predictions, this is futile…

    Chinese Companies To Build 700 Coal Plants

  • Jaedo Drax

    When will they phase out wood biomass plants? After all Wood Biomass is considerably less energy dense than coal, and shipping it from northern Ontario to England using Oil isn’t ‘green’

    • canminuteman

      They have problems in England with people steeling wood and illegally cutting down trees to burn for heat. Big chunks of Europe became totally denuded of trees before they discovered that there were certain rocks that could be burnt for heat.

  • Thomas Henderson

    Not much coal mined in Quebec or Ontario. No skin off their noses.

    The Donkin Mine in Nova Scotia is moving into production of a billion tonne seam of high end bituminous. Coal is British Columbia’s largest single export commodity. Alberta is not set to phase out coal fired electricity production until 2030 even by its own la-te-da Climate Leadership Plan.

    Heaven help us from these central Canadian central planners who think this country’s wealth comes out of the end of a technocrat’s pen. And ditto for the useless idiots in Ottawa.