Provincial climate plans will cost billions with likely little environmental benefit

“Across the country, ineffective climate policies will cost taxpayers billions with little to show for it,” said Kenneth Green, Fraser Institute’s senior director of energy and natural resource studies and author of Canada’s Climate Action Plans: Are they cost-effective?

  • canminuteman

    “Are they cost effective?” – how could they be when the whole thing is a freaking myth?

  • Strnj1

    Vote them out or suffer the consequences…

    • Alain

      People require an alternative in order to do that.

      • Strnj1

        When they’re given a legitimate one he’s destroyed by false allegations in the media…

  • Hard Little Machine

    Even NPR said today that the Paris Climate Accord is a largely meaningless symbolic act.

  • Gary

    Yesterday I listened to a radio show where there was a debate on the GREEN plan and hydro rates.
    No surprise that the NDP guest promise cheap power if they get elected because they will buy back Hydro-One to regain control. But what was so telling for the NDPer was how they didn’t care that the study showed how the Electric car creates 8x the Co2 just to build the battery unit than a gas powered small car does during its normal lifetime . They also didn’t care that the Power Stations get their Electricity from co2 producing Power Plants.
    The smug Celebs in Hollywood are now shocked to find out that the local Power Plants that charge their cars and heat their pools are coal-fire plants .

  • A Hamilton Guy

    They just discovered a Super Volcano under the Antartic Ice Cap, it’s melting the Glacier. Isn’t that nice to know.