Paedophile Dwarf Spared Jail As Judge Fears For His Life

A 26-year-old dwarf who approached 13 and 15-year-old girls via their Facebook account asking them for sex and naked photographs, has been spared jail after the judge claimed he feared for his life would he be sent there.

  • John Boy

    Send him to Afghanistan. There he will get all the sex he can handle and more!

  • Ed

    Who needs the Onion when there’s BCF

    • Some days are more amusing than others. 😉

  • simus1

    Too much time on his small hands.
    Perhaps he could be hired to whip some sense into idiot judges.
    That would keep him exhausted, in good shape, and not “too sexy for his shirt”.

  • gaylord ponce

    Maybe just likes having sex with women his own size.

  • Barrington Minge

    Big Bubba would just use him to wipe his arse then flush him away. No problem.

  • Literally Hitler

    Perhaps two years suspended will stretch him out. Or is he already a criminal at large?

  • Hard Little Machine

    We need dwarf-only prisons.

    • bob e

      that’s right .. if you put him in a big mans’ prison,
      you are violating his civil rights ..